Repairs - Warranties



MasTec Ltd will accept purchase orders for products via mail, fax and email.


We offer 7days credit to new qualified purchasers and 30 days to older more established buyers.

We also have VISA and Mastercard facilities for customers not requiring credit.

On all invoices are our bank details for direct transfer of funds (here also).


MasTec offers support on all its products.

We find the best support method is email and prefer this method.

So please email your support questions to us and we will answer with "a received it" email and "be back soon with the answer".

In most cases MasTec can answer support questions due to our experience. However, in cases that complex we will ask factory support staff to assist.



Software products are always upgrading. The cost for this remains quite constant over the years. For instance LabVIEW has been around $1300 each 18 months for several years now.

Upgrading will require you to send a PO, a proof of ownership, either the CD or the serial number for the software before we can upgrade it.

Hardware upgrades are usually when a product is not offered any longer in the correct bus format say ISA to PCI.

Usually the manfacturer offers a discount for the purchase of the new board of 10-30%.


It is impossible to carry stock on these types of products, as the products evolve rapidly and software is always moving from revision to revision. Almost all products are shipped directly to us on order and take from 7-45 days depending on manufacturer.

The only exception to this is OPTO 22, which is used so extensively in NZ for industrial control. MasTec stocks in depth, the entire OPTO 22 SSR models and most G1, G4 and SNAP Modules, Brains, Backplanes and Comms products.

If you are using a particular product in quantity we can stock for you but will have to put in place standing orders to safe guard our inventory. Please let us know if you require this function.

Repairs, Service and RMAs - Return to Site Repairs

Please obtain an Repair RMA number before returning goods.
Either phone 09 273 4200 or email to obtain the number.

This is the repair tracking number.

You are welcome to ask for a quote before any service is done.

We will then examine the failed unit, give a quote and repair when we get agreement on the repair.

For large systems we can provide site service also.



It is return to base warranty.

Items with life time warranties from OPTO 22 will be replaced from stock if they fail.

For most instrumentation and industrial automation products we can provide "a return to vendor factory warranty service".

If we can, we will loan or swap the failed product from a similar stock item until the failed unit is returned. However we sell over 25,000 different products so this exchange only applies to a some lines.

Items under warranty, if they are sent out of the country will incur a freight charge.

Shipments returned after a warranty repair will incur a courier charge unless the manufacturer takes this responsibility.

You may find it more convenient to pay for these service jobs with VISA or MasterCard. We have facilities for charging this method.


If we can, we will always arrange to provide a loaner product.

A purchase order must accompany the loaner, in case the product is damaged or returned to us in a state that makes it unsellable later.

All loaners are issued with a loaner form that must be signed and faxed back to MasTec. We reserve the right to bill the loaning company if the product is not returned on to time or is damaged or not returned in original packing with documentation.


If a product is returned after purchase, we reserve the right to charge a restocking fee. In most cases this will be 30-50% of value. However this can vary depending on circumstances, see below.

In cases where the product is damaged or returned to us in a state that makes it unsellable later we reserve the right to charge between 100% restock fee.

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