About MasTec

Milestones - First in NZ

Data flow graphical programming language
Industrial form factor computers called VXI
PCI Bus High Speed Virtual Scopes and DAQ
PCI Vision Systems
PCIe Bus High Speed DAQ
USB and Ethernet DAQ
Compact PCI and PXI Instrumentation
Flow chart programmed PAC
Smart Phone Instruments
First M2M GSM wireless
Embedded micros with ethernet and Wifi
Hardened Embedded Fanless Industrial PCs & PACs
Hardened Smart Device PDAs and Computers
Smart Panel Kits for Machine and Device builders.
Android and iOS DAQ Control & Instrument systems
Bluetooth Android DAQ
groov HMI on any Smart Device
First Redunant UPSs
First Medical Grade UPSs
First Inverter Chargers
Wifi Loggers
Worlds Smallest Sealed Intel Computers
DIN Rail SSRs and Conditioners
USB loggers sticks
IIOT Linux Computer
and many more


MasTec Ltd is your Supplier for Technology

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Customer & Market Types

MasTec Limited has a diverse base of OEM or ODM manufacturers in Oceania who purchase large volumes of parts, assembles or complete products for integration into their own products. We have very close relationships with these companies.

Our Spot Buy customers include large corporate, medical, marine, dairy, agriculture, horticulture, fishing, machine and device builders, consultant, commercial, research & development, educational and industrial clients.

We also Sub Distribute our products to a select group of resellers and systems integrators for resale.

We are a True Trade House for almost all Technology with relationships into almost all technology innovators world wide.

Many companies purchase from MasTec even when we are not the distributor of the product they require, just for the convenience of invoicing and easy of purchase.

We also act as a Trade Supply House for many large buying groups with contracts with major corporates.

Company Culture

First and foremost the client is king in our organisation.

We therefore are customer focused and brand is only secondary in the discussion.

We do not champion any brand but find the technology that matches your requirements.

We thrive on challenges and foster individuality.

We excel at providing services to our customers.
The company has an unparalleled reputation of approachablity, enthusiasm, and knowledge since starting in 1989.


Our Staff have many years in keeping supply lines for OEM and ODM parts running smoothly.

Our Sales Engineers are experts at guiding our Spot Buying customers to select highly technical products.

We look foward to working with you and your company next time you need technical supplies.


 Mission Statement

"To be an integral part of all technological solutions and the distribution of the latest technologies from the world's top high-tech companies "



MasTec was formed in 1989 with the intention of introducing and integrating new technology and engineering methods specifically into New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific.

Since then, MasTec Ltd has successfully introduced leading edge attitudes and approaches to the use of high technology products in many fields, including Smart devices, Controllers, Embedded & Industrial Computing, Instrumentation, Cellular technology & Routers, Infrastructure, PAC, PLC, M2M, Direct RF, Data acquisition and much more.

In addition to the product categories above, MasTec supplies thousands of AC~DC Power systems, UPSs, PDUs, Line Conditioners, Inverters, Chargers, Batteries, DC>DC Converters, SSR & contactor relays.

Recent additions are Solar panel and Solar charger technology and high efficiency Alternative Power systems.


1989 Startup: - Introduced LabVIEW into NZ.

1993 MasTec absorbed the company Small World Systems.

2000 took over Smart Works Systems Ltd extending its reach into Integration, Embedded, Gauging, Transducer, Quality Assurance and Process Control.

1999/2000 MasTec was the first company to offer GSM M2M Products in NZ and the first to offer GSM M2M software integration services.

2003, for the first time the OEM and ODM sales group of MasTec out sold the Spot Buy sales group. This milestone transformed MasTec into a logisitics supply operation company, managing supply of products. to many manufacturers.

2004 MasTec absorbed the company Ultimate Power Systems extending its reach into all AC and DC Power Systems.

2010 Setup SWS Software & Integration Services


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