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Fanless Embedded Box PC with 6th/7th Generation Intel® Core™ Desktop Processor and PoE

Vision with POE

PCIe-GIE72/74 GigE Vision PoE+ Frame Grabbers

Comms with POE

PortServer TS serial servers offer RS-232 serial port expansion, mid and end span POE

Huge Range POE
Access, DAQ, PAC, Switches and more
PoE Access Control Reader with Proximity Card and Keypad (English version of voice)

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Sealevel SeaI/O & eI/O Remote I/O Modules

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POE (Power over Ethernet) technology is now very mature and still expanding in uses.

MasTec started writing about POE five or so years back.

POE is made possible by the injecting DC Power intosome of the 8 wire in an Ethernet Cable.

There are two types of POE

Mid-span: +48VDC is delivered across the Ethernet cable using the unused pins (4, 5, 7 & amp; 8).

End-span: +48VDC is delivered on on the same pins used for data (1,2,3 and 6).

Usually POE is a high DC voltage > 24, sometimes much higher > 55 VDC.

This injection usually takes place at the Ethernet Switch or with a POE Injector product.

However now there are Computers and PACs that do the DC Power injecting also.

At the far end of the Ethernet Cable an Etherent DC Splitter which brings out the DC and passes through the Ethernet data. The Splitters convert the POE voltage to standard voltages such as 48, 24, 18, 12 or 5 VDC.

It is possible to pump quite a lot of power down an ethernet cable > 100 watts and still have reliability in DC supply.

So imagine you are setting up video survellliance. All the cameras are 12VDC and TCP Gigabit Ethernet for the image data. Just plug the camera into the splitter for the DC power and the ethernet cable and you are done. You do not need to be near AC power to set up the camera, offering great placement freedom.

The same is true of course for DAQ systems that have ethernet data connections, see some of the manufacturerss in the list of suppliers.

POE is very convenient and saves a lot of installation time and money. If you are doing DAQ work there is no need for PSUs. Just plug the Remote DAQ into a splitter and ethernet data cable and you are done.

And of course the Ethernet Cable is a great high speed data pipe for DAQ. Mastec has a LabVIEW system controlling 4 DAQ units running at full data rates of >100KHz each and the Laptop connected to the DAQ via a POE Ethernet switch, doesn't blink.

MasTec has used POE Texas 5VDC USB Splitter products in its last project site to get the 5VDC to run the TCP DAQ units. The 5VDC power is supplied through the DAQ's USB Port.

Other companies for POE useable products


In Vehicle Video with POE

Fanless In-Vehicle NVR (Network Video Recorder) Platform with Intel® Core™ i Processor, E13-certified fanless PC, complemented by NVR PoE and built-in satellite navigation

Media Converters with POE

Compact Industrial Gigabit PoE+ Ethernet-to-Fiber Media Converter, 1*10/100/1000TX (PSE: 30W) to 1*100/1000 SFP Slot; EOT: -40° to 75°C

Testers & Switches POE

Network Cable Continuity Tester with PoE Detection for Cat5e/Cat6/Cat6a and Phone Cable Assemblies

Switches & Splitters POE

A Perfect Managed PoE+ Switch with Advanced L2/L4 Switching and Security

24-Port 10/100/1000T 802.3at PoE + 4-Port Gigabit TP/SFP Combo Managed Switch

Switches - PACS - DAQ with POE

Web-Based Intelligent PAC Controllers
No Programming Required
POE Media Converters POE Video and Audio


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