Electricity, Gas, Water Metering - AMR - AMI



Traditional Metering

MasTec has a range of Meters for Electricity, Gas and Water.

Some of these meters can be converted to become Automatic Meter Reading Systems with retro fitted Loggers.


Some meters are traditional Meters used in sub systems rather than being the primary meter.

Some electrical power meters are designed for Test facilites or machines.


Retrofiting and Wireless AMR -AMI

Infrastructure and IT Power Metering

MasTec has Utility Grade Metering, that is certified for billing, metering for Gas, Water adn Electrcity from Elster.


Real Time Power Measurement

MasTec also has Realtime Power monitoring system for Building and IT Systems.

If you would like to coonnect your Industrial Automation system to a Energy monitoring system, MasTec has this type of system also.

And for those with Large UPSs systems that cannot measure power on each device or circuit, MasTec has retrofit PDUs - Power Distribution Units that can do this and be networked to software.

Utility Meters            
Gas, Water & Electricity    Tens of millions running world wide  
Electricity Certified Meters      
AMR and AMI            
Automatic Meter readers    3G or GPRS or walk or drive past collection  
Automatic Meter Infrastructure      
Retrofit Kits    Wireless and Cabled  
Real Time Monitoring and Metering            
AC In Line Power Cable Measurement    Mesh Radio  
Factory, Systems Building Power Usage   Link any Power, Environmental Sensors  
UPS Power Metering and Logging            
Power Distribution Methods    Measure Power and ontrol Power Centrally  

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