Marine & Mobile Power Systems

Marine and Mobile Power Solutions

MasTec has a wide range of Marine and Mobile Power products

We started selling TrippLite APS Inverter Chargers and PV inverters back in 1993 and many are still running in boats and motor homes still.

Since those days we have expanded into many more areas of Marine and Mobile Power.



Power Management Panel
230V Inverters
Broad range of Quasi and Sinewave Inverters
 Large charger, very strong products  
Battery Chargers - very strong
230V Inverters
230V power sensing eco inverters
Excellent product
 Thousands installed in NZ  
Battery Chargers
Alternator Regulators
Alternator to Battery Chargers
Battery to Battery Chargers
DC to DC Converters
Power Management Panel
230V Inverters
Inverter-Charger Combis
230V Crossover Switch
Battery Desulphation Unit
Split Charge Diodes
Galvanic Isolators / Zinc Savers
Pneumatic Tank Gauge
System Diagnostics
Gold Plated Accessories

5000VAC isolation
A true international product for easy spares.
Industrial toughened over many years, with proven performance

New style PAC systems allow control and monitoring of all and any systems. Can be webbed based or SCADA.

 Superb distributed Automation systems for large pleasure vessels all the way up to ships.  

Super Yacht Alternator Regulators

1 phase IGBT or servo units
3 phase IGBT or servo units

 Lowest cost way to get good stable power on ships and/or super yachts. No UPSs to worry about.  
Wet Lead Acid
Spiral High Energy
 Power Management Panel
Inverter-Chargers pure sinewave
Large chargers
LCD Panels
Water proof
High efficiency
Multi Bank Chargers link

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