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T&M Instruments

Broadest selection in Oceanie

A well established Instrument Maker

AC/DC High Power Instruments and more

One of the new standards for Instruments

Home of Test Software + Instruments


AC Power Sources + instruments

 Modulated PSU, Precison Load & PSUs

PXI/VXI Special Test Instruments

 Isolators & Conditioners

An impressive line up of T&M Product
Design, Technology, Software and Instruments

Almost all the companies above are companies MasTec has been distributing for many years.

ITech will impress with their high power AC and DC Power Supplies, AC and DC Loads, Multi Station Battery Testers and High Power AC Power Sources.

You will know immediately if you need this company, in many cases it will be these products tick all the boxes.

All programmable and excellent software with support.

For the newbes or beginners.

The T&M Discussion

T&M is a fundamental necessity for the evaluation of perfrormance in the production of Electronic and Electrical Products.

T&M is also fundamental in the Development of Electronic and Electrical Products.

This is true even if it is just a simple Digital Voltmeter that is used to measure inputs and outputs of simple R&D system.

The Building Blocks for T&M usually consist of several parts >

A Computer, Some Test Software, a Comms Link to the Instruments, Serial, USB, Ethernet or GPIB ( even Wireless) and the T& M Instruments or Instruments as a Test Suite and finally the interconnects ( Probes, Shunts, Clamps, Cables etc ) to the Device Under Test DUT or UUT.

The Test Engineer

A Test Engineer has to be very versatile and knowledgeable > understanding Computer Test Programming, Instruments Languages, Test Instruments Specifications, Possible Errors and the necessary methods and procedures to test the product meaningfully.

A very big job and development is time consuming and often one step forward two steps back until finally the Software is driving the Instruments correctly and the results are coming out meaningfully. Well done, you will only do it a few dozen times in a lifetime but each time you become more proficient and it slowly gets easier.

So to our companies that provide the Test Instruments. we are not going to look at all of them in detail but will high Lite in the Logo and Picts each of their strengths.




Excellent Instrument Maker

Established with an Excellent Broad Range

One of the leaders in PXI


Super Dynamic Signal Analysis Devices


Loads and Power Supplies

 GPIB and Specialty Test Instruments

 Filters - Filters - Filters

Power Instruments
Serial - GPIB - USB - Ethernet - PXI

Chassis - Modules - Standlone

Handheld Instruments.

MasTec has a complete range of Instruments from simple Analog and Digital panel Meters to Handheld and Bench instrments.

The most popular is the GW Instek portable scope which also is a very good meter.

Traditional Bench-Top and Rack Instruments.

Inside these Vendors pages you may find exactly what you require -

Array, Atten, GW Instek, ICS, Protek, Anshuman Tech etc all make a wide range of instruments.

Linking these types of instrument to a PC to build test sets is easy now days. Inside software like LabVIEW and Measurement Studio are excellent driver sets to make the connection to a PC via GPIB, RS-232, Ethernet and USB,




Virtual Instruments

Using a PC to build instruments may suite some situations. Inside software like LabVIEW and Measurement Studio are excellent examples of how to build virtual instruments.

Also you can build composite instrument this way in software to make a complex test instrument that resides inside and outside your PC which will store the test results and will also allow sophosicated analysis and much more,

Most ATE & T&M systems in NZ now are being built with PC, USB, Ethenet, cPCI, PCIe or PXI Instruments.

These instruments are fully featured Scopes, Arbs, Function Generators, DMMs, Logic Capture, Logic Generators etc.

Smart Phone - Instruments

Using a Smart Phone Pad or Pod to build instruments is the latest technology to emerge.

Panel Meters            
Analog Meters      
Digital Panel Meters all types      

Unique Test Instruments            
Modulated Power Supply      
 Precision Power Amp for Inductive etc Loads      
Handheld Instruments            
Digital Scopes    Leaders  

 Handheld Instruments

Scopes, DMM, clamp meters, specialty meters

   Everything electrical  

Bench & Rack Instruments            
Software Configurable Instruments    PXI instruments with FPGA LabVIEW engine  
Bench & Rack Instruments--Digital Scopes, DVM, DMM, Arb Generators, Function Generators, AC & DC Bench Supplies, Spectrum Analysers, Frequency Counters, Capacitance Meters, LCR Meters, Pulse Generators, Logic Analysers, AM & FM Testers, AC Power Analyser, Watt Meters and more    Standalone, RS-232, GPIB, Ethernet and USB  

Bench & Rack Instruments - Oscilloscopes    Standalone, RS-232, GPIB, Ethernet and USB    

Bench & Rack Instruments - DMM    6.5 Digit DMM, 2000 s/second, GPIB, USB or Serial
Scanner boards for RTDs and TCs

Bench & Rack Instruments - Function Generators    Standalone, RS-232, GPIB, Ethernet and USB  

Bench & Rack Instruments - Frequency Counters    Standalone, RS-232, GPIB, Ethernet and USB  
Bench & Rack Instruments - Power Supplies single, dual and triple output,    Standalone, RS-232, GPIB, Ethernet and USB  

Bench & Rack Instruments - DC Loads for Test    Standalone, RS-232, GPIB, Ethernet and USB    

Bench & Rack Instruments - AC Loads for Test    Standalone, RS-232, GPIB, Ethernet and USB    
Bench & Floor - AC Power Sources    AC Power Synthesis available    

Bench & Floor - AC Power SOurce    Built in Scope to show waveforms
Best in Industry
Bench & Floor - AC/DC Power Meter    AC Power Meter and Harmonics
Best in Industry
Bench & Floor - Battery Tester   4 Quadtrant
Best in Industry
 Virtual Instruments - VI        
Scopes, ARBs, Logic Analysers and more    Connect directly to PC, PCI, cPCI or PXI chassis.    
Scope, Strip Chart, Function Gen and Rate meter    Connect directly to PC USB or PCI, PCie    

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