HVAC - Building Automation - Infrastructure - Security Systems


HVAC - Building Auomation - Infrastructure - Security


Estates, Campus, Buildings, IT Rooms, individuals

HVAC balancing made easy very soon by Dwyer, plus all the Dwyer instrumentation and Sensors

We are able to meet many of your needs for Remote and Local Infrastructure Monitoring and Control systems. These also cover security systems.

Whether it is a country wide facility, a City, a Building, an IT room, any Remote Facility, UPS system, Early Earth Quake or Fire Detection, Battery Bank, Access Points, Tanks, Pumps, Levels, down to lower granulations -- such as switches, temperature, humidity etc we can do this.

We can get in and out of your facilities with DSL, ISDN or POTS Cables ( Telecoms, Networks) or Radio ( 3G, GSM/GPRS, Mesh or Direct RF, even WiFi or microwave )and also can get around your facilities with network microwave, cables or wireless, Blue Tooth and Mesh Radio, like Zigbee or Digi Mesh.

Infrastructure Monitoring can be more than IP and M2M. It can be large software systems, monitoring country infrastructure, or a city or a large industrial site or a large building, many systems with controllers at various sites with many I/O points, often with data logging, alarm messaging that feed networks over cables, SNMP, SMS, 3G, GPRS, Mesh, GSM or Direct RF modems etc.

It also implies diverse inputs and outputs, almost always managed locally by a controller that is programmable and stand alone even when outside comms is lost. ( Meaning the controller knows what to do in this situations to keep things safe and working)



 Complete HVAC Balancing System    Smart Air Hood HVAC Balancing
Predictive Balancing
 Complete HVAC Balancing System      
 Automatic Meter Reading     Advanced Metering Infrastructure    
 Complete Metering Systems
Connect via cables and wireless
  Complete Multipoint Wireless Systems
Using Wavenis and other protocols, battery powered wireless

 General Infrastructure        
 Controllers and I/O systems
Connect via cables or wireless

 Building and Home Automation + Security        
 Distributed Control, Programmable Touch Panels, Smart IR self learning controllers, POE, EOP, Lighting controllers, and much more      

 Wired and Wireless Security and Video Surveillance      
 Early Earthquake Detection System and Controller        
Detects earthquakes and turns on a siren and remote alarms
Plus allows control fo infrastructure systems, such as valves, supplies, pumps etc
All Infrastructure Monitoring
End Point to PC or Corporate Server Systems
(low or no programming)
 Complete Systems using either SMS, GPRS, 3G, Ethernet, Mesh, Routers, Gateways DAQ etc      

 Mesh with Industrial Grade IO and Modbus gateaway      

Building and Home Automation
PACs, IO, Displays, Touch Pads
 Complete PAC Systems using Ethernet -RS-485, Modbus        
 Smart Panels HMIs      
 Building System Controllers    PID Controllers, Refrig, AirCon, Networked Systems    
AC Power and Environmental Monitoring
Complete system
(no programming)
Complete Systems using SMS Wifi Mesh Wireless, and or Smart Power Cables and Environment modules + more        

 IT Infrastructure Rooms        
 Racking Systems      
 PDUs Systems      
 Cabling Systems      
 Remote Reboots - Web, ethernet, Wifi      
 IT Facilities Water leakage or flooding      
 IT Infrastructure Monitoring        
 End Point - Complete Systems      

 End Point - IT Room Temperature Monitoring and Alarming        

 End Point - IP Power Control for Server Rooms        
 End Points with Industrial grade IO        

 Infrastructure Wireless System        
 All Wireless Systems        Wireless,

 3G & GSM for Infrastructure Monitoring        
 3G & GSM M2M=Machine to machine      

 Direct RF for Infrastructure Monitoring        
 RF modems with RS-232, 422, 485      
 Mesh RF for Infrastructure Monitoring        
 End Point - Mesh Zigbee and RF modems with RS-232, 422, 485      
 End Points with Industrial grade IO and modbus comms      
 Drop In Networks for Infrastructure Monitoring        
 End Point - Mesh Zigbee, GSM, WiFi and RF modems + Copper and fiber network routers - Analog, HVAC, Alarms, Ethernet, RS-232, 422, 485      
 Complete system with End Points with Industrial grade IO, and monitoring, Alarming and logging software        
 IP relays - RS-232 or Ethernet        
 End Point - Power Relays, remote booting etc      

 IP and 3G Cameras        
 All types of cameras from low res to HD    3G Allows direct viewing on Smart Phones  

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