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Ethernet Switches and Media Converters


Network Appliances, Gateways, Firewalls and Security

MasTec carries a broad range of Industrial Grade managed and unmanaged Ethernet Switches and Fiber Switches and Media Converters.

Between the seven manufacturing companies listed below, you will find exactly what you require for your industrial site and many IT sites also.

If you need POE there is a growing selection.

If you need EOP adaptors, we have these also.

If you need Ethernet to Modbus gateways, we can provide quite a range to choose from.

Many of our Wireless Routers and Gateways also container ethernet switches.

Ethernet and Fiber Switches        
Industrial Un-Managed and Managed Ethernet and Fiber Switches
Broad Range - many with X-Ring for rapid recovery and redundancy - IP67 certified - POE - Splitters - Blade Switches - Packetariums -more

2-24 ethernet ports 10/100tx and Gigabit /1000 & 10000tx
Multi mode and other formats for fiber up to 8 ports

Some with Ethernet/Fiber combinations

Many with Extended Temperature ranges

POE and more


Network Appliances, Gateways, Firewalls and Security        

Industrial Automation Gateway with Intel Celeron or Core i3/i7

Cost-effective network security platform based on the 10-core Ivy Bridge-EP

Industrial DIN rail network security platform

The first Intel® System-on-Chip network firewall and security device with QuickAssist

Packing Haswell power into a compact rackmounted network security system


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