Encoders - Rotary - Linear - Cable

Light Encoders


MasTec has the largest range of encoders in the industry.

Are a special type of transducer for measuring rotational position or linear distances.

  • Incremental Encoders - shaft and hollow shaft
  • Absolute Encoders - shaft and hollow shaft
  • Linear Encoders - Tape
  • Linear Encoders - Cable
  • + Encoder cables
  • + Encoder comms converters
  • + Encoder Shaft couplings
  • + Encoder Generators


If you don't find the encoder product that you need in the list below, please contact us about it, we are bound to have a manufacturer in our specialty list that will have it.




 Front Page Summary        
Encoders - Quadrature Outputs        
 Rotary Encoders:   Absolute and Incremental Encoders
Hollow and Shaft - Stocked

 Light Sensing Rotary Encoders:   ZAP free for tough and controlled enviro conditions, only light inside encoder.    
 Rotary Encoder support:    SSI to Parallel Converters and much much more    
 Rotary Encoders:    PWM absolute + RS-232 & USB Encoder modules    
 Linear Encoder Tape Position:   up to 90 meters, 0.1mm resolution/accuracy, no moving parts, high velocities 10m/sec    
 Cable Linear Encoder:    Quadrature outputs direct connection to PAC/PLC    
 Rotary Position    VDC outputs or Quadrature outputs    
 Encoder Accesories    Huge range of couplings, cables etc  

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