Business Development & Sales Consultant.

MasTec's Business Development and Sales staff are actually Technology Consultants.

MasTec is currently looking for a Business Development / Sales person / Technical Consultant to join our professional sales team.

We are looking for a new graduate from a university or technical school that wants a career in Sales.


We will also consider candidates who have been in the business for a few years.

Training will be provided and an excellent support system we have instituted in MasTec will be put in place for the successful candidate to assist them to be successful inside the team.

The applicant must have a Degree or Diploma in either Electronics, Power Systems, Industrial Computing, Instrumentation or similar, to apply


several years experience in the Sales and Marketing areas.

This successful candidate will work in all areas of MasTec's extensive technology offerings

The aim is to take this new person to a position where they can be responsible for managing a full sector of the companies product range.

Computer Skills required are standard MS tools. Excel, Access, Word, Outlook plus Google

Language skills required are excellent spelling, grammar, ability to layout information well in email.

Phone and communication skills must be supportive, accurate, pleasant, and professional.

Personal skills required are clean immigrantion status if new to NZ, no police record inside or outside NZ, healthy, no drug or alcohol issues, organised, clean, thorough and low reactivity. This does mean that the right person will not take offense easily and will be able to see things from the other persons point of view and still be able to negiotiate constructively through the business development and sales cycles.

In some cases the sales cycle will be completed by other members in the team, and the focus will just be business development.

Include any relevant information that will assist you in being considered.

All applicants will be contacted.

If this sounds like your future path, contact us.

Sale Jobs Application

Sub Distribution Opportunities in South East Asia, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Fiji, New Guinea, Samoa, Tonga, Rarotonga

We are actively looking for partners to be our Sub Distributors for Instrumentation, Wireless, UPSs and our Smart and Industrial Computing products.

Do you have a reach inside your country with your company?

We have a 26 years history with our Products range.

The market size in these territories is significant.

We will train the successful companies and work closely with them.

 Contact MasTec by email initially.

Ownership Opportunity

The MD of MasTec has recently decided it is time to realign his life after 50 years of technology, to go horse riding with his wife Jeannie and dogs Polly, Lilly, Freddie and Jessie.

If you have an interest in owning the project section of this important technology company, now is the time to act and start communcation for succession.

Sale One The Project Section

Which is rather technical.

MasTec looks after IANZ accredited sites in NZ for Testing Windows, Walls, Facades and Doors plus a Roof Tester also.

This is a hardware software combo.

Software is LabVIEW suite that has about 500 components so very extensive. Total write time for this suite is about 3000 hours.

Hardware is a combination ADC, DAC, DIO, PLCs, Servos, Hydraulic with a great array of sensors..

Projects typically earn about $100K per site as renewals are required.

Upgrades are typically $20-30K value.

These sites have been running since the start in 1991.

Work is on going, with anew system this year.

Does this sound like it could be useful to you??



If this sounds like your future path, contact us.

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Provincial NZ -

Professional Contracted Commissioned Sales People

We are looking for Professional Sales people with commission payments for performance.

If you are a sales person, independent and need a new range of products to add to your portfolio please contact us. The right type of person is first of all independent, with sales experience and results.

An engineering or technical background is very helpful but not necessarily essential.

We have sales staff to assist with technical questions and to get individual pricing.

Our Products and Solutions fit into many verticals.

Energy sector


Government and District Councils



Hardware and Software Projects


Research facilities

Machine and Device Builders

ISP and Wireless Sectors

Electrical Industry

IT industry


Dairy and Food

Meat Processors

Industrial plants


Marine Power

Hydraulic / electronic machines

Lighting industry

Agriculture Horticulture Viticulature

Alternative Power & Mobile Power

Cloud Systems & M2M IOT Technologies

Server Farms

Mobile Apps

 Contact MasTec by email initially.

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