Embedded IIOT and IOT Computers

OPTO 22 Linux Real Time IIOT Edge Computer

Embedded IOT Computers

This is one of the technologies that has grown so rapidly.

Embedding basically is a system where computing is hidden in a device and acts as the control and the intelligence.

The IIOT Computer is embedded and has a broad range of ability to control and measure, allowing building of computers, PACs, PLCs, Loggers, End Points on a board to be put in an enclosure and act as a service.

Features for IIOT and IOT

  • Linux Real Time
  • Python, C++, Java
  • Sparkplug MQTT
  • Node Red
  • Ignition Edge
  • IBM Bluemix
  • Amazon Webservices
  • Microsoft Azure
  • MySQL
  • SQL Server
  • Comms USB, TCP and Serial
  • Protocols >> Modbus, Canbus, OpenCan
  • Wireless >Wifi, Zigbee
  • Security LIbraires
  • Encryption libraries
  • PLC or PAC Featue Libraries
  • Gateway Libraries
  • Multi IO analog, digital, counters
  • I2C, 1 Wire, Encoders
  • Some with Display
  • Low Power
  • Often ARM



Some examples of Embedded Computers.

  • Tiny PIC micros
  • Rabbit micros
  • ARM micros
  • Intel ATOM micros
  • Intel 86X micros
  • AMD Micros


Some form factors of Embedded IOT and IIOT Computers and Controllers

  • Smart Phone Computers more
  • Android USB Stick computers
  • Built in a SIP
  • Built in one chip - Micromint
  • A custom PCB
  • Memory chip formats - Rabbits
  • PC-104 +
  • ATX
  • Micro ATX
  • Mini ITX
  • COM Express
  • QSeven
  • 3.5"SBC
  • ECX
  • EPIC
  • Mini DTX
  • XBEE Programmab;e Wireless with IO
  • etc




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