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ARBOR Introduces Palm-Sized Digital Signage Controller for Harsh Environment Applications

The fanless multiple display terminal is powered by the 7th generation Intel® Core i7 or Kaby Lake processor that can run both Windows 10 IoT and Linux operating systems, supporting Intel's remote device management system. It delivers a high-performance visual experience with 2 HDMI video outputs.

The most exciting HMI display technology on the market is from OPTO 22 and it is called

groov makes it possible to build HMI displays on any smart device.

That includes Smart phones, Tablets, Industrial PCs with Touch, Panel PC, even Smart HMI TVs.

And he is the beauty of groov, it can connect o almost all PLCs, PACs on the market, including the most popular, Rockwell - Allen Bradley, Modbus, Siemens, ABB, Yokogawa and GE systems.

However the list is huge read more

You can buy a groov box as a server or use a PC to build the groov server.

groov is auto scaling for the size of the LCD panel used. You also only place on tha t display the section you want that operator to see and control.

Build time is very quick and easyy.

This does mean you can display and control your control systems using groov.

Don't get stuck buying expensive displays when you can use groov on any of your current handhelds and using Smart Low cost HDMI TVs directly as your HMI for your new system.


Displays - Industrial - Marine - Kiosk - Automation

MasTec Ltd is able to supply a large range of LCD Displays.

MasTec's range covers these main areas

  • Smart Panel Kits for System Builders
  • Smart Panel Displays for HMI or Building Automation
  • Simple Texted LCD displays with either touch or keys for PLC/PAC and Micros
  • Pixel Touch LCDs for PLC/PAC and Micros
  • Small to Large OEM LCD Kits
  • Automation Displays for SCADA and PACs
  • Super Bright LCDs for outside Marine use
  • Large LCD screens for control rooms
  • IP67 rated for dirty environments
  • Android, iPhone etc

Connections to Displays

Most Text and Small Pixel Touch displays are RS-232, Ethernet or USB connected to allow easy interfacing to PLCs/PACs or Micros.

Many of the industrial and marine LCDs are now HDMI connected. Many of the newer large scale LCDs are now coming with HDMI interfaces which allows clusters of panels to be linked to a system.


Display Technology

No Doubt the largest driving force for LCD displays is the TV industry which has seen large format panels become available for lower costs.

The next step which was a big help, was LED back lighting which reduces the heating on the LCD panels and allows much better contrast ratios.

The off shot of the LED back lights is reduced power usage for the same brighness.

Super bright LED technology also makes bright sunlight displays possible.

Whether you need Class one safe displays or marine grade, industrial, medical grade displays, we have it from some of the best developers int he market today.

Do you need stainless steel for food grade systems, we have them also.

 Smart Device HMI        
 groov HMI for Smart Devices  

 Build HMIs on any smart device, phone, tablet, laptop, industrial PC and even smat TVs - all in minutes.This changes the rules on HMI entirely.

Free trials available

 Digital Signage Controller        

Palm-Sized Digital Signage Controller for Harsh Environment Applications

4K Multiple Display Controller

 LCD Displays        
 Smart Panel Kits    Complete Touch Panel with Android or CE programmable CPU and sub systems    
 Smart Panel Display HMI    Complete Touch Panel with programmable CPU and sub systems with HMI Works    
 Industrial Computer Chassis with LCD Displays    Industrial Control and Display in one 19" chasssis    

 PLC/PAC RS_232 controlled LCD Displays /Touch    For most small to medium size PLCs/PACs and Micros  

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 PAC Ethernet driven Displays with Touch    Specific to OPTO 22 PAC    
 Industrial Displays 6.4" to > 30": LCD with LED backlights IP 67 and Nema 4/4X    World leaders    

 Industrial Displays : LCD with LED backlights Certified, Class 1/Division2, Non-Purged, All-in-One LCD Touchscreen Computer    World leaders    

 Super Bright Outdoor Displays : Large format > 100" LCD with LED backlights    World leaders    

  OEM Ethernet and Serial driven Displays with Touch also Micros Displays    Lost cost LCD for Micro OEM projects    
 Serial driven LCD Displays with Touch or Buttons for many types of Modbus PLCs.    Very low cost programmable bit mapped and key display    

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