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MasTec Ltd is a supplier of a large range of Teaching, Educational and Research Products

These products are software and hardware tools from some of the best suppliers.

  • Microscopy
  • Medical/BioMedical
  • Biological
  • Instrumentation
  • Test
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Weather
  • Loggers
  • Physiology
  • Anatomy

If you want us to source a special teaching product for you, just email and we will act as your sourcing agent.

Anshuman Tech

Best Scope

Dae Ryuk Science Co

Data Harvest UK

ED Corporation
Test and Measurement instruments and trainers of all types China's premier microscope maker Tools, and instruments for teaching Exercise Energy, Light, Biology, Electricty, Wave, Chemistry, Biology, Magnetic fields Data Loggers for physics and chemistry Fluid mechanics, Mechatronics, Intelligent robots, Embedded, electrical electronics, It, communication, measurement instruments and power supplies
-- highlite 6 GHZ Spectrum anaylser at an excellent price



Hanback Electronics

Honglian Medical Instruments

A Spanish vast teaching system for many technologies, including Biomedical. A very very large technology group. An Italian vast teaching system for many technologies - a very very large technology group Korea's advanced Robotic, Micro, DSP, FPGA etc etc trainer supplier Teach many facits of medical procedures, CPR, Diagnosis, Skills, Nursing skills, Maternity, General anatomy, First aid, Trauma Computer Assited Learning with Physics, Chemistry and Biology - be prepared to be blown away with this range.



Korean Digital


Electricity, Electronics, Bread Boards, Comms, micros, LabVIEW tools and much more Quality Visual Aids using camera and imaging, lab and research microscopes with cameras and software. Data Loggers and personal laptops with interfaces, to dozens of sensors for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Earth Science, Water Quality and human physiology. Even has low cost spectrophotometers and chemical instruments. All types of minature loggers and transducers for Bio-Medical studies Electronic, Production Assembly, Medical and Biological Microscopes

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