Batteries - Battery Banks - Chargers

Batteries and Battery Chargers

MasTec Ltd stocks common ranges of Batteries

Gel Long LIfe

SLA Industrial

SLA High Discharge

OPvZ Gel Supe Long Life

Lithium Batteries

Plus Chargers.

As we are a large sell of UPS products, we stocks common ranges of SLA Batteries.

Our battery range coverss

  • UPSs
  • Deep Discharge
  • Cranking, Marine
  • Traction Flooded
  • Spiral for high vibration or G Loading.
  • Lithium High Energy Solar

We have simple to large chargers.

A huge range of smart chargers for Alternative power, marine, industrial and commercial usages.




 Battery Banks ( li Ion )        
For all things USB powered Smart Devices etc        
Lead Carbon Batteries         
Fast Charge Long Life Lead-Carbon Batteries        
 Batteries (SLA=Sealed Lead Acid) plus GEL        
 UPS and Security SLA Batteries      

SLA and GEL Deep Cycle + Wet Flooded Batteries      

 UPS Battery Banks        

 Batteries (Metal Hydride Lithium Ion)        
 Metal Hydride        
 Lithium Iron Phosphate      

 Battery Chargers (AC Powered) - Industrial        
 Switched Mode Chargers
12, 24, 48 VDC >200amps

 Power Pack Chargers & In-line Chargers for SLAs        PowerTech
 Battery Chargers (AC Powered)
Metal Hydride, Lithium Ion
 Up to 20 cells in series        PowerTech
 Battery Chargers - Marine- (AC Powered)        
 Marine and Mobile Switched Mode Chargers
12, 24, 48 VDC >200amps
 Marine Water Proof Chargers
12, 24, >100amps
 Battery Chargers - (DC to DC 24>12)        
 Allows a system to have a 12 VDC battery system being charged off a 24 VDC system.
Saves adding another alternator to your system. Switched Mode Chargers
 DC Supplies (AC Powered) - Battery Eliminators        
 Battery Eliminators (13.8 VDC from 10 to 40 amps)        PowerTech

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