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Low to High Power AC Systems

REGATRON High Power Programmable
Bidirectional DC Power Source
With Separate AC Regen

REGATRON manufactures a
series of integrated current-bidirectional power sources named TC.GSS


The REGATRON TopCon Quadro
power supply series offers full output control
(0...100 %) of voltage, current and power as well as an adjustable internal resistance simulation.


 TopCon RESACT High Power
Bidirectional DC Supply
With Electronic Load


grid simulator systems
use a top-of-the-art
multilevel double inverter technology


  A Suite of Software for Driving
these Powerful AC and DC Test systems.
Above is the AC Power Grid Simulator Graphics


 High Power Programmable
DC Power Supplies
Source or Sink

An impressive line up of AC Power Systems Products

During September MasTec received distribution for one of the most famous acclaimed companies in the AC and DC Power Test and Simulation Market place.

Regatron is a Swiss company and a world leader in Specialty AC and DC High Power Systems. Very few companies have these technologies.

You may have noticed also we received distribution for ITECH two months back, another manufacturer with a large range of AC and DC Low to Medium Power Instruments and Test Systems.

To show off these two new companies and several other power companies technologies that we also distribute, we are highlighting four special technology systems types for this month.

All are AC systems, however these companes also do DC systems

AC High Power Three Phase Grid Simulators
AC Low to High Power Sources for Equipment Test
AC Low to High Power Stabilisers & Optimisers
AC Low to High Power Frequency Converters

On the left and right side bars we will also add other types of technology of interest.

AC (4 Quadrant) Power Grid Simulators Hardware-Software

Regatron is the Grand Master of AC Power Systems

High wattage, highly programmable AC systems for Grid Test, simulation,

Plus DC Power Systems

Plus Battery Testing and Simulation

AC and DC Traction Systems with Regen.

Have a look at the MasTec Regatron page, you will be impressed.

If you go to the Regatron site where there is incredible detail, even more so.

Itech is a highly professional company also, making Programmable low to mid power range, AC and DC Sources, Supplies, Loads, Regen Loads, Battery Testers etc, a very large range.

plus much more

Another company that will impress.

Twintex is another professional company also making Programmable low to mid power range, AC sources.

We have many 10K + units running for compliance testing in NZ

plus much more

Belotti is an Italian company that is famous for Variacs since the 1940s.

Their Servo Variacs have been used for decades to stabilise AC power systems. We have many running in Super Yachts to stabilise Alternator Power.

Their new IGBT AC Conditioners, Stabiliser and Optimiser is a new technology step and takes them ahead of most in this industry.

Soltec has a high reputation world wide for reliable high efficiency power systems, UPSs, Conditioners.

In New Zealand they are the brand for AC Frequency Converters.

50-60 HZ
60-50 HZ
50-400 HZ
60-400 HZ
400-50 HZ
400-60 HZ

Single or Three phase power from low to high wattage levels.

With Isolation for Galvanice separation or without.

They don't seem to fail, after 10 years of applications in tough environments.

Low to Mid Power
Programmable High Efficiency
DC Load with AC Regen

 Programmable Battery Testers
Single Battery Bank
or Ganged Systems for Production

 Low to Medium Power
Triple Output DC Supplies for Test

 Low to Medium Power
Single DC Supplies for Test

 Low to Medium Power
IGBT and Inductor Based
AC Line Conditioners and Stabilisers

 Low to Medium Power
Single and Three Phase
Frequency Converters

 Low to Medium Power
AC Sources for Test
Regatron Distribution

Itech Distribution

AC Power Products and AC Power Protection

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