AC Power Stabilisers & Optimisers



AC Power Stabilisers and Optimizers

AC Stabilisers are Special Types of AC Line Conditioners and are used where AC Voltage Levels must remain stable inside a defined tight AC voltage band.

Note Most low power AC Line Conditioners that use stepping auto transformers to add an AC Stabiliser section, do npt meet these requirements of tight AC voltage control spec. These low cost units introduce quite large steps in the AC Voltage correction range corrections and are unsuitable in many situations.

From many years experience, MasTec knows some PLC and Industrial control gear are very sensitive to AC Mains Voltage Levels and this sensitivity can cause havoc in a factory if there are power conditions where control drop outs. Typically any local IO and remote IO systems fall into default safe states if they lose comms during these types of power failures. Very costly shut downs and restarts can occur when this happens, taking a site into a very time and cost consuming recovery.

A Power Stabiliser is required for these types of system. Typically controlling with in a +/-5% AC Voltage window.

AC Power Optimizers are more advanced form of AC Power Stabiliser.

AC Power Optimiser are a growing in use through Europe and the UK where huge power and service savings are being realised in their use.

Belotti of Italy was the originator of this technology type many years back and it was first applied to Street Lighting. At that time it was discovered that due to large fluctuations in AC Supply voltages to Street, Highway and Toll Roads, many times the lights were running in over voltage mode, resulting in a rapid increase in energy use and also a much shorter bulb life. As the cost of installing and supporting lights is a major component this was identified as a point of great financial returns if the over voltage could be controlled.

After much experience it was discovered that by reducing the voltage down to the low end of the bulbs specs and controlling it at this level, huge power savings could be made, as much as 40% with the added gains of reduced maintenance schedules also.

This technology was then pushed across other systems and the same results were realised especially with motors and VSD systems.

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There threo types of AC AVR Power Systems

Stepping Autotransformers, Stabilisers & Optimizers

Type I Autotransformers with controlled Taps

Uses a simple Autotransformer with primary stepping Taps that are controlled by a micro or simpler circuits. These steps are usually quite large. This type of device will do a rough AVR correction from say 160-280 VAC holding the output in a +/-10% range.

Type 2 Active Variacs/Servos

Belotti of Italy invented this technology many years ago. Several companies have copied this over the years.

Servos tied to a control system that maintains the AC Voltage at a preset level by driving a large VA Rated Variac AutoTransformer sliding tap.

This the traditional way to do this and MasTec has applied this technology successfully several times on Super Yachts. The ships three phase alternator running off an auxilary diesel had a three phase Variac Power Stabiliser connected directly to the terminals of the alternator and the load was taken from the variac. The ships AC power for lights, navigation, control, entertainment and other systems ran directly off this technology. It is highly reliable and in service has a long life. From No/Low load to full Load these systems regulate and stabilise very well.

Type 3 Patented IGBT Systems

Type 1 is the original technology and still very much in use.

Type 2 also developed by Belotti a few years back is very clever patented technology that use IGBTs and Transformers to make a high power stepless LIne Conditioner. It is quite unique.

With Type 2 technology it is possible to set the AC Voltage level required and this technology will hold this with excellent accuracy.

This means the Belotti IGBT technology is an AC Line Stabiliser to bring AC Back to mid range levels or an Optimiser for deliverying great cost savings with Lights and Motor Installations.



AC Power Stabilisers & Optimisers        
Power Stabilisers & Optimisers
Electronic Type 2
 AC StabIlisers & Optimisers, IGBT Controlled
up to 1 Megawatt single and three phase with patent pending technology - efficient, no step, linear and low noise.
Power Stabilisers & Optimisers
Active Variac Transformer Type1
 AC Stablisers, Servo Controlled
(small > 1 Megawatt single and three phase with servo control on each individual phase)

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