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Rural and Commercial Technology Products

More and more applications are been found in the rural sector for technology.

MasTec has a great range of products.

Many of these product are easy install.

Apply power and they are ready. Some are solar powered also meaning true autonomy for the device maybe kilometers from any house or business or service center.

Most are wireless based or controlled. There are various levels of Wireless from simple SMS text messages for Alarms, to Wifi real time monitoring and control to loggers with GPRS or 3G connections.

In many cases in rural and commercial systems, what is required is a solution.

Most of these products are solutions. Simple but important jobs.

You have a freezer full of all your home kill meat from the farm and you certainly do not want to loose it. Probably in that same freezer will be fish, hunting meat and all those sausages you made. Very expensive products.

You have a small meat processes company that is selling locally. Chillers with the latest hanging and a freex\zer full of product. Same thing, too valuable to just leave to chance.

Also when it comes to food safety, you have a log of your chiller and freezer temperature over time, proving compliance.

Rather than climb the hill once a week to check the water tank, just put in a low cost tank monitor that tells you be a text message the level.

You have a barn or workshop full of expensive gear, put up a security camera that will phone you if the sensors detect entry at the wrong time or you can just phone in and look any time to see what is going on inside and outside the building.

You are just entirely over getting out of the UTE to open the front gate. Just install a fence post mounted hinged gate controller system that will open and close of a text message or a fob if you are close.

If you front gate is several kilometers from the house, put in a camera with audio to decide who is cooim\\ming into the property or not and remotely open again with a text message. Auto closing also.

Some of the Range of Products

Freezer and Chiller monitors, loggers and alarms

Thermostat Products for controlling temperature.

Tank Level monitoring and control systems

Water Detection systems for leaks

Access Systems for gates, doors, shutters etc

Full hardware for remote sliders or hinged gates,

Full hardware for automatic door /shutter openers

Camera Security systems that link to Smart Phones

Greenhouse & growth chamber controllers

Cool Store monitoring, logging and alarming

Cool Store temperature / humidity control systems

Hot water controllers and monitors

Food Safety loggers

Transport loggers

Vetenary and Medical Temperature Loggers

General Wireless controllers and monitoring systems

An easy connect range of sensors and transducers

Tank submergable level transducer

Accurate low cost temperature probes

Humidity Systems monitoring and alarms

Door / Window security closure sensors

Pressure transducers

AC voltage monitoring at a low cost

In fact a transducer for each job

And don't forget Milk Vat monitoring and alarming

Special Power Products

We have a single phase to three phase motor starter and controller for up to 3KW motors.

If you are thinking of putting in underground or above ground water pumps, nearly all are three phase. To run power out to them is very expensive.

Now just run single phase out, save on the line fees, save on the cabling, save on the installation and also only one circuit breakers,

We have a feeling this may be very good for rotary cow sheds also, that is new or old installations.

Another facit of power in rural areas is droop or low voltage which is not good for freezers, chillers, refrig in general, including cow shed systems. We have the best gear you can get to fix these issues.

We are also an agent for Honda Gensets, again probably the best small gensets on the market. Either inverter gensets for sensitive gear or larger gensets for house backup or other systems.

Yes run the pumps for the irrigators using the single phase to three phase motor system. And yes it runs very well on small Gensets.

If you have Alternative Power or want to build a system, we can supply all the parts, panels, cabling, chargers, inverters and large SLA 2 V Battery packs to make a large capacity energy system.

And also you can run the three phase converter also using the home inverters if you have a solar power system and big batteries.

And lastly we have UPSs for rural systems. These UPSs can sustain deep droops or brownouts and over voltage without going to battery back up using their in built line conditioner transformer.

All rural farms are becoming more and more dependent on continuous power to maintain comms systems and computing systems.

Just as a very last point

We have long distance wireless links that can get to the back of rural areas also. This is not wifi or cellular but real wireless point to point or mesh systems. Read data or control devices over long distances.


Catalog pdf 4megs

Motor Controllers Single to three phase System      
Run a three phase motor up to 3KW from single phase mains power or a small Genset ( Honda ) or even from a Solar alternative power system using the inverter.   Save on line fees, installation costs, cabling, use one breaker  


Wireless Loggers and Controllers      
Freezer and Chiller SMS Alarms
Control Gates, Access, Security
Video Survelliance
  Easy system to install, uses a Cellular SIM Card    
Loggers Transport, Environmental, Lab Loggers      
Monitor Freight for Temperature and Humidity
Monitor Vet or Medical Pharaceuticals
Monitor Weather
  Tiny Low Cost Loggers  Loggers - Recorders    

Tank Monitoring      
Monitor Tanks with cable or Wireless Systems  

Under water level transducers

4-20mA cable, Zigbee, Cellular + SMS Alarms

Access:- Gate, door, awning --- Electrical Openers      
Motorised openers, Arms and Rack   Uses CWT Cellular SMS Controller for Long distance control    
The best small Genset range available
1-7 KVA Inverter Gensets
2.2 - 9 KVA Standard AC Genset
  Huge Range Long lasting Reliable Econimical    
AC Power Line Conditioners      
AC Power Remove Droop, Noise & Over voltage   Huge Range 4 Manufacturers Highly Reliable
AC - DC Power Conditoners

AC Power even after Mains Power Fails   Excellent Products 20K sold in NZ
UPS - Uninterruptible Power
Rugged Tablets      
Best line up in Oceania  
Tablet - Industrial Ruggedized

Vet, Medical Lab  

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