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PACs - PLCs - PID Controllers -

Distributed IO - Soft PLC - Soft PAC - PC IO

The Master TCP PAC company

PAC Project Software Suite




MasTec Instrumentation Front Page Sept 2018

Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs)
Programmable Automation Controllers (PACs

are industrial computers constructed and adapted for manufacturing environments. These computers are the brains of a manufacturing operation, providing highly reliable control of automation equipment.

Key Advantages of PAC

  • A single controller with integrated software handles multiple functions across multiple domains.
  • Complex and changing requirements can be met with little additional cost.
  • Modular designs make expansion easier.
  • Networking and communication capabilities link disparate systems and provide more accurate and timely data.
  • Total system cost is lowered, because integrated hardware and software are less expensive, and because development and integration time is reduced.
  • Modular design improves cash flow.

Sealevel Distributed IO stack

Distributed I/O is generally where you have multiple processors contolling different sections of an operation via IO, and the processors share data with each other in order to coordinate the overall machine/process.


ADAM-5000 PC-based controllers, including the ADAM I/O series system, and ADAM-5560CE/KW Micro PAC, feature an Intel Atom D510 CPU along with control specific features such as watchdog timer, battery backup RAM and deterministic I/O.

ADAM-5560KW PC-based controllers support 5 standard IEC 61131-3 programming languages in CE 5.0. With the optional HMI Software and built-in VGA port, this modular remote IO can avoid using additional SCADA PC’s in their applications. This compact and powerful ADAM-5560KW Micro PAC is ideal for up to 224 I/O point applications.


MasTec is having a huge 30 year Anniversary Sale starting September running to December.

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Artila RIO-2010BM
IBM Bluemix Ready Remote I/O, IOT PAC


Programmable LUA engine DAQ PAC

TCP Modbus DAQ with a LUA engine to Program as PAC
14 analog inputs (16- to 18- bit), 2 analog outputs (12-bit), 23 digital I/O, and up to 10 digital counters/timers. Relays, Encoders, I2C and more, very fast unit



Artila Linux ipac5010





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Micronor Absolute Encoders

 Micronor Shaft Encoder


BEI Header Encoder

Micronor Absolute Encoders

MasTec Instrumentation Front Page Aug 2018

MasTec has the biggest selection of Encoders in the Southern Hemisphere

An encoder is a sensor of mechanical motion that generates digital signals in response to motion. As an electro-mechanical device.

Encoder is able to provide motion control system users with information concerning position, velocity and direction, speed, rate, and distance.

MasTec supplies all types and ranges of Encoders:

Incremental Encoders - shaft and hollow shaft
Absolute Encoders - shaft and hollow shaft
Linear Encoders - Tape
Linear Encoders - Cable
+ Encoder cables
+ Encoder comms converters
+ Encoder Shaft couplings
+ Encoder Generators

Light Only Encoders Below
Super Safe in Explosive Areas

Light Only Encoder

Micronor Absolute Encoders



Unimeasure JX - Low cost, environmentally sealed, 13 measurement ranges, Analog and Digital outputs


Unimeasure ZX - Low cost, small size

If there is a specific type of encoder that you are looking for please contact us by phone or email


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Omega Shaft Mount Rotary Pulse Generator


US Digital Optical Kit Encoder

US digital Hollow Bore Encoder

BEI Encoder LT25 Linear Cable Transducer


AC Power Stabilisers and Optimisers




MasTec is having a huge 30-year anniversary Sale starting Sept running to December!

Sale items:

AC~DC Power

110VAC Products

Cable Protectors




Embedded Micros

Loggers and Monitors

Comms & Network


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Power Front Page -September 2018

MasTec supplies Power Stabilisers and Optimisers

Active Variac Transformer Type1
Optimisers Electronic Type 2

AC Stabilisers are Special Types of AC Line Conditioners and are used where AC Voltage Levels must remain stable inside a defined tight AC voltage band.

AC Power Optimizers are even more advanced form of an AC Power Stabiliser.


1PH and 3PH electrodynamic voltage stabilisers rated
from 1 to 8000 kVA

Ministab and Sterostab are registered names of two series of voltage stabilizers that offer a reliable and tested economic solution to inconveniences caused by voltage fluctuations. The use of voltage stabilizers increases the level of power quality and represents a real investment because the elimination of the inconveniences means a reduction in costs and an increase in productivity.

Very often it is only necessary to avoid a few minutes machine downtime or just one failure to repay the cost of the voltage stabilizers.

For more information

Contact our Technical Engineer,

Loyal Noronhai

ph: 64 92734200

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Belotti BST Power Safe


Belotti AC Line Stabiliser


Belotti BST-EB








IT7300 Programmable AC Power Supply 



Soltec AHA Series Frequency Converter

MasTec Power Front Page Aug 2018

MasTec supplies different types of AC Power Sources and Frequency Converters

Fixed Voltage AC Frequency Changers
Variable Voltage AC Frequency Changers

AC Power Synthesizers

Fixed Voltage AC Frequency Changers

Bench Testing Aircraft Electronics:
From 230 VAC 50HZ
110VAC at 400HZ


convert 230 VAC to 50Hz to 60Hz

all other Combinations

400Hz to 50 Hz or 60Hz

AC Power Synthesizers

Produce almost any AC Waveform you require.

Single Phase AC Power Source

Three Phase AC Power Source

Twintex is used extensively in NZ for Compliance and R&D systems.

Contact our Technical Engineer,

Loyal Noronhaiph: 64 92734200

or email us:

We have a wide selection of AC Power Sources and Frequency Converters in our Test Equipment Website:



GW Instek APS-1102



GW Instek APS-7000E






AC and DC Loads and more

Xbee Wireless Comparison Sheet

All things Power UPS Medical PDU USB Power etc

6th Gen Intel SBC

DAQ Hardware and Software

IsaGraf PACs

Medical Grade Power

New > Raspberry Pi...and SNAP industrial I/O

Programmable Instruments and Power Sources


Instrumentation Web Site

ITech-Siglent-Dwyer-GW Instek
Fluke - Extech - Testo - Rigol

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