Also Peer to Peer Wireless

The ZS-P2P-001 is a wireless cable replacer used for all those difficult to do cable jobs.

Two models - Both License Free

  • Zigbee 802.15.4 >> 2.4 GHZ
  • NZ Speced Modules >> 900 MHZ (921-928)


ZigSense Mesh Wireless Sensing Technology

MasTec Ltd is the assigned distributor for the ZigSense's product line for NZ.

ZigSense™ is a line of wireless sensors utilizing ZigBee™ wireless mesh network technology and peer to peer wireless technology as its core communications channels.

Australian designed and made, ZigSense wireless nodes establish a self-healing mesh network of spatially distributed sensors that cooperatively monitor physical and environmental conditions.

Data from wireless sensors can be read and written to by standard PLC, SCADA, HMI stations through a ZigSense gateway station.

Designed for low power consumption, ZigSense wireless nodes utilize programmable sleep & wake strategy to operate under battery power for a prolonged period of time. ZigSense wireless nodes support multiple internal or external sensors wired into a single enclosed (IP65) node. A ZigSense communications gateway interfaces between the ZigSense wireless network and standard control systems using Modbus RTU communication protocol


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Monitoring and control applications for ZigSense wireless sensors

Building Automation
HVAC systems
Cold Storage
Smart Metering: Energy, Water, Gas
Environmental & Pollution
Water Quality
Tank & Silo Level
Pump Control
Machine Run-Time
Poultry & Glasshouse climate



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