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About Web Sensor

The company specializes in sensor and IOTS research, production and sales.

The main products includes pressure sensor and transmitter, inertial sensor, environmental sensors, and solution and consultation services on sensors.

Innovation is the basic element of the company. The self developed products has received 67 national patents, in which 6 patents are invention ones.

The company has been certified with ISO9001 quality system, CMC, TUV CE, Intrinsically safe certificate, Rohs certificate, and CDNV7 ATEX, and mining security certificate.


Web Sensor - Tank and Well Level Sensing

Web Sensor makes pressure transducers.

For tank level it requires a submersible transducer and cable set to get successful operations

Their current submersible set is for 3 meter tanks.

The Pressure head can have two wireless systems.

Choose GPRS 2G or ZigBEE.

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Acceleromters & Inclinomters

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