NEW! P370 High Line Differential Pressure Transmitter

The P370 High Line Differential Pressure Transmitter is Ideal for:

• Core Testing Applications
• Hydraulic Systems
• High Line Pressures/Low DP

The P370 is ideal for flow or pressure drop measurements in high pressure hydraulic systems. Its compact design and rugged construction allow it to be used in harsh environments. The wetted materials is made of 410SST and a variety of O-ring material and plating options are available so that it may be used with corrosive liquids and gases.


NEW! P78 Submersible Pressure Transducer

The P78 Submersible Pressure Transducer is Ideal for:
Level Measurements
Hydraulic Systems
Vehicle Testing

• Small, Rugged DP Transducer for Liquid and Gas
• Fully sealed housing
• All 316 SST construction
• Full Scale Range from 1.25 PSI to 3,200 PSI
• 0.25% F.S. Accuracy – 0.1% optional



DP15 Variable Reluctance Pressure Sensor Capable of Range Changes


PS409 Digital Panel Mount Manometer


CD17 Single-Channel USB Carrier Demodulator


T-140 Pressure Calibrator Kit


P24 Ruggedized Pressure Transducer


SU63 Speed Pickup Sensor

Validyne Engineering

MasTec recommends Validyne Engineering

Founded in 1968, Validyne Engineering has been a leading manufacturer of variable reluctance pressure transducers, pressure sensors, sensor signal conditioning, and data acquisition systems for over fifty years. Validyne’s diverse customer base ranges from automotive and engine manufacturers, to research and development labs, to aerospace and medical industries. Validyne’s team of talented engineers works with both small and large users to design products that meet our customer’s exact specifications. This attention to detail and focus on timely customer response enabled Validyne to build a reputation for durable, rugged, long lasting, well-supported, highly reliable products.

Aerosopace and Military, Automotive, Industrial Energy and Onsite Utility, Maritime, Medical Research, Oil & Gas, University Labs and More


  • Pressure Measurement
    • Remote Pressure Sensors
    • Pressure Transducers and Transmitters
    • Pressure Indicators
  • Data Acquisition
    • Universal Data Acquisition System (UDAS/USB2250)
    • UPC2100 Data Acquisition PCI Card
    • USB2251 Pressure Sensor Interface
    • Vehicle Data Acquisition System (VDAS)
    • Vehicle Pressure Acquisition System (VPAS)
  • Signal Conditioning
    • CD16 Single-Channel DC Powered Carrier Demodulator
    • CD17 Single-Channel USB Carrier Demodulator
    • CD15 General Purpose Basic Carrier Demodulator
    • CD23/223 Carrier Demodulator with LED Display
    • CD280 Multi-Channel Carrier Demodulator
    • CD379 Portable Carrier Demodulator with Digital Display
    • SU63 Speed Pick-up
  • Software
    • Easy Sense Software
    • SI58 Recalibration and Post Calibration Software
    • USB-COM Data Logger

Other Products

  • Pressure Sensors and Transducers
  • Nuclear Data Acquisition
  • Rack Mount Signal Conditioning products



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Universal DAQ System (UDAS/USB2250)


USB2251 Pressure Sensor Interface


CD379 Portable Carrier Demodulator with Digital Display


SI58 Recalibration and Post Calibration Software

Common uses for Validyne Pressure Sensors and Data Acquisition Systems in the Aerospace and Military industry

The pressure drop across a working air filter is often very small – on the order of a few hundred Pascals, especially at low engine RPM – so a pressure sensor for this purpose must be sensitive to very low pressures. In addition, the pressure transducer must be rugged enough to function well under the hood of a vehicle where shock, vibration and high ambient temperatures are common. The modified P55 pressure sensor has been used on military vehicles to measure the pressure drop across the engine air filter.

Validyne pressure transducers have been used in a wide variety of aircraft flight test applications. Our Model P855 was used in the prototype Airbus A380. These transducers were designed to measure low pressures, +/-35 mBar, and operate over wide temperature ranges -20 to +70C. In addition, each P855 communicated over RS485 serial data lines. The transducers were delivered while the first A380 was built in sections. When the sections were assembled into the first operation aircraft, the sensors were already embedded inside. Building the flight test sensors into the prototype saved over a year – normally a prototype aircraft is flown, then test instrumentation installed – a time consuming process.

The SU63 Speed Pickup is a device designed to be used to sense the speed of turbochargers. A turbocharger rotates very fast – some 10,000 rpm or more, and standard sensing techniques for measuring the speed often fail in the conditions around the vehicle engine. This application note describes how the SU63 senses the very fast turbocharger rotation and how the signal is developed.


DAQ Used in Climatic Wind Tunnel for Vehicle Testing

A new model automobile must be thoroughly tested in climate extremes before it is put into production. Will the heater keep the passengers warm in a blizzard? Will the cabin be cool enough in the desert summer? Can the engine cope with temperature extremes? Auto manufacturers now answer all of these questions by placing a new prototype automobile in a climatic wind tunnel.

A climatic wind tunnel is a system that can produce all the expected extremes of temperature, wind, sun, rain and snow on demand. In years past new vehicles were tested in very hot weather like at Tuscon, Arizona in July and in cold weather like at International Falls, Minnesota in February to naturally experience the climate extremes needed for verifying vehicle performance. But the design cycle for new vehicles is much shorter now and the climatic wind tunnel can supply these extremes on demand without the need to wait for a particular season of the year. Read more

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