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MasTec is the distributor in NZ for the very successful VIPA PLC system.

Programmed with the Siemens SIMATIC STEP®7 programming language or WinPLC7 from VIPA, the 100V, 200V, 300V, 400V and 500V PLC system from VIPA is up to 50% less than it’s competitor.

Boasting advanced technical features and customer benefits the VIPA CPU’s are up to 10x faster than a Siemens S7-400, come with up to 2Mb of memory and Ethernet TCP/IP onboard. The CPU’s come with MPI ports for the Siemens MPI adapter, but additionally they can be programmed with the VIPA “Green” cable which is approx NZ $100


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As an example product

The VIPA 300V modules are part number comparable to the Siemens alternative and are interchangeable with the Siemens modules without software changes.

The 300V modules from VIPA utilise the Siemens front connector so that wiring changes are not required. The DO modules are short circuit and overload protected and come with larger 1Amp and 2Amp outputs depending on type required.

The 200V modular PROFIBUS I/O system is well regarded, up to 32 modules can be used in one Profibus slave meaning a total of 1024 I/O is possible on each slave and 125 slaves in each system.

Also check the HMIs, Signal Lights, Linear Motion and Geared Motors

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