Real Time LabVIEW or VB or C - Based on TI's High Speed multi core DSP & DAQ

1D and 2D Realtime FFT


Sheldon have been in the DSP, FPGA, DAQ and Analysis business for many years.

They make a range of DSP with FPGA and DAQ PCI &PCIe boards.

They also have a very fast ethernet DSP FPGA & DAQ solution that runs on PC-104PCIe.

A new development is FPGA running with GPUs.

You can slso Run LabVIEW or Visual Basic code in real time on these DSP boards and DAQ on a mezzanine board. There are extensive libraries for Visual Basic code and LabVIEW.

This allows you to build control systems that run in real time without the OS Windows being involved. ( Very important for real time operation)

Imagine building closed loop controls of up to 750KHZ, and doing significant math at the same time. If you need it, you need it, you will know!

The cost of these high end DSP FPGA and DAQ combo products is equivalent to buying a single high end DAQ card from some other manufacturers.

Please visit Sheldon site for details.

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PC Plug-In DSP & Multifunction I/O Cards

Installations running in both NZ and Australia

SI-C667XDSP 40GMAC/20GFlop per core

and more ask.

Multifunction I/O Modules

SI-MOD22xx 10MHZ/125MHZ 16 bits 2 DACs at 250MHZ 16 bits

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