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Senonics manufactures modern, high quality, robust transportation loggers.

Suppose you are to transport some sensitive item, chemical or food product and would like to know the exact conditions under which it was transported. You can use our loggers to record the complete environmental condition throughout the journey.

Senonics loggers offer the largest logger depth of all similar portable loggers so you will never run short of logging space.

Try the miniature Minnow device operated from a single coin cell battery or the new Bluefin rechargeable wireless data logger.

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Minnow Logger

Suppose for example you would like to transport some delicate or fragile cargo from one location to another.

By attaching or placing the logger in the cargo, a Minnow logger you can record temperature and humidity conditions during the journey.

At the destination you can then extract the logged data using a very simple PC application and see graphically or in raw data format the changes in environment over time.

The Minnow logger is the smallest logger in its class for measuring temperature and relative humidity. The device measures just 35mm x 60mm x 15mm.

The device also offers long battery life (up to 4 years) and logging storage of 65520 samples of both temperature and humidity.


Bluefin Bluetooth Logger

The Bluefin logger is a portable wireless temperature and humidity logger.

The Bluefin logger can be connected either via a USB cable to a Windows or Mac PC or wirelessly using Bluetooth to your iPhone, iPad or iPadMini.

Both Windows, Mac and iPhone applications all offer a simple means of configuring the logger, data extraction and data viewing features.

The Bluefin logger is equipped with a rechargeable battery with 6 months before needing to be recharged.

The Bluefin logger is always connectable from your mobile device without needing any physical touching of the logger.

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