Digital Electronic High-Power Programmable Power Supplies

AC Grid Simulators

Software Driven AC and DC High Power Systems

Digital Electronic High-Power Programmable
Power Supplies

Programmable DC Power
0...52 VDC up to 0...1200 VDC
10, 16, 20 and 32 kW

Grid simulator systems use a top-of-the-art
multilevel double inverter technology
full 4-quadrant operation

bidirectional three-phase grid simulator
Grid simulation software


REGATRON regenerative systems allow for the outermost freedom in system design due to separate feeding and regenerative system parts

TC.ACS grid simulators can perform EMC tests
as per CENELEC IEC 61000-4-14, IEC 61000-4-27 and IEC 61000-4-28

Special DC supplies which can both feed and absorb energy. TopCon RESACT:
Bidirectional DC supplies + electronic load

Regatron AG Products

Established in 1969

Products & Solutions
Programmable Power Supplies
Automation: Customer specific Industrial Electronics
Motion Control: Servo Systems and Frequency Converters
Mechanical Drive Elements: Motors and Gears

Fields of Application
Manufacturing and Tooling Technology
Plastics Industry
Textile Industry
Medical Applications
Rail Technology
Test and Lab Technology

MasTec Ltd is very pleased to be able to handle these products for the NZ market.

The Swiss company Regatron AG designs, manufactures and sells digital electronic high-power programmable power supplies, intended for professional applications, and supports its customers both in the choice of the most appropriate solutions, both in the supply of know-how, specialized software, cabinets and systems, accessories, optional parts and technical support remotely or at the client location.

AC /DC programmable digital high power, battery emulators, grid simulators, three-phase AC/DC power supplies for bidirectional testing and simulation of batteries, amplifiers, precision linear simulators for photovoltaic inverters, AC sources: a production of excellence spread all over the world.

Active for over 47 years in the electronics manufacturing, Regatron AG has earned a remarkable experience in manufacturing high-quality modular programmable power supplies, and is appreciated by many world leaders who use TopCon in their factories or laboratories or research and development centers.

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Digital Electronic High-Power Programmable
Power Supplies

DC Power Supplies with modern grid-tie inverter technology in order to handle both current flows
from and towards the load.

Replace a real fuel cell by an electronic power source able to handle the energy flow
fuel cell simulation software


Replace a real battery power pack by an
electronic power source
able to handle both energy flow directions


integrated current-bidirectional power sources
DC power supplies + modern grid-tie inverter
handle both current flows from and towards the load.

756kW Q1 power system, consisting of 6 racks with 4x32kW TopCon devices each.
Unidirectional Q1 DC Source

50 kW / 125 A discharge unit to completely discharge batteries (during the recycling process
Unidirectional Q4 DC Sink
Sophisicated DC and AC Power Supplies

Very High Power Power Systems

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