Power Master Products

PowerMaster is one of the leading Alternative Power Inverter Companies

Established in 1999, Power Master is a rapidly growing company within AC to DC to AC, DC to AC Power Inverter, AC to DC Battery Charger and UPS industry.

PowerMaster specializes in Modified and Pure Sine Wave Power Inverters, Solar inverter, Inverter with built in Battery Charger (Inverter Chargers)

Plus On Line & Off Line UPS

Three Stage Battery Chargers.

For Alternative Power systems, marine, motor home and mobile power, the Power MasTer inverters are superb, some having green power configurations (load sensing) to save precious power from Solar panels , wind turbines and small hydro systems.

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Inverter / Charger Types

Modified Inverter
Modified Inverter + Charger
Sine Inverter low freq.

Sine Inverter high freq + ATS -- Fast Action AC Synchronized Transfer Switch. / UPS mode /
Sine Inverter low freq. + Charger

Solar Inverter / Charger Types / Panels / More

LCD Inverter Charger + Green + Solar & AC charger
Super Solar Inverter + Green + ATS -- Fast Action AC Synchronized Transfer Switch. / UPS mode /
Stackable Inverter - perfect for marine - build parallelled high power systems

Solar Charge Controller - Smart - up to 60As
Kyocera Solar Panel 16-200 watt panels
Wind / Solar Inverter - three phase inputs for wind - high voltage solar -efficient alternative power.

Charger Types
AC / DC Smart Charger
AC / DC Super Charger

Other Products
Auto Transfer Switch
DC / DC Power Converter

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