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Piesa Electronic Technology

Shenzhen Piesia Electronic Technology Co., Ltd is a collection of various types of industrial motherboards and embedded products,research, development, production, sales and service as one of the national high-tech enterprises of industry specific computer products. Products related to industrial CPU card, embedded industrial motherboard, industrial chassis, integrated workstation.The tablet computer industry (PPC), network safety of machinery system, Disk array, passive backplane, Industrial power and industrial computer accessories and other products.

Company products are widely used in industrial automation,communication equipment, power equipment, network security, intelligent transportation, video surveillance, healthcare, military / aerospace equipment, self-service terminal, storage device, digital signage, on-board computer, 3C applications and many other fields.


  • 3.5 Inch Motherboards
  • Z-3.5 Inch Motherboards
  • MINI-ITX Motherboards
  • Security Motherboard
  • NANo-ITX
  • CPCI Series
  • OPS PC Motherboard
  • Industrial PC
  • Industrial Panel PC
  • All-in-one PC
  • All-in-one Touch PC
  • Industrial Components


  • Industrial Automation
  • Industrial Network
  • Machine Vision
  • Embedded Solutions
  • Digital Signage
  • Digital Intelligent Logistics
  • Medical Digital Equipment
  • Intelligent Urban Rail
  • Integrated Solutions

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3.5inch motherboards

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CPCI Series


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