Packet Power Products

MasTec is the distributor for Oceania for Packet Powers amazing new Power Measurement and Mangement hardware and software products. We recommend these products highly. Packet Power is one of our premier suppliers.

Packet Power make it easy to understand what's driving your usage of electrical power.

How? They make "smart" power cables that can measure the amount of energy that flows through them.

This information is automatically and securely shared over a wireless network, providing a "plug and play" design that makes it easy to gather detailed power usage information.

Packet Power's system can monitor a few small appliances or hundreds of high-power circuits.

They also allow you to monitor your environment.

Single phase, Three phase, Server Rooms, factories, homes, offices, you name it.

  • Data Center Power
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • General Power Monitoring
  • Power Monitoring Devices


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