-inertial, orientation and inclinometer

MicroStrain's inertial, orientation and inclinometer product line includes simple inclinometers, commonly referred to as tiltmeters or clinometers, inertial measurement units (IMUs) and attitude heading reference systems (AHRS), and inertial navigation units (INUs).

These products can provide single axis or dual axis inclination, linear acceleration and angular rate, or orientation in the form of pitch, roll and heading (yaw or azimuth) Quaternion or orientation matrix.

The products can operate in multiple modes or as a component in an inertial navigation unit (INU).


Microstrain Products

MicroStrain produces smart, embedded micro-displacement transducers, inertial sensors, and energy harvesting wireless sensor networks for monitoring the world around us.

Products -miniature displacement sensors

MicroStrain's range of miniature displacement sensors, DVRTs, include gauging, non-gauging (free sliding core) and non-contact displacement transducers. The product line includes sub-miniature displacement sensors, micro-miniature displacement sensors, and miniature non-contact displacement sensors.

A DVRT (differential variable reluctance transformer) is a half bridge LVDT (linear variable differential transformer). Our linear displacement sensors deliver a very high range to size ratio, for use in harsh environments where traditional LVDTs are too large.

MicroStrain's miniature displacement transducers are extremely robust, capable of operating at temperatures up to 175° C in corrosive media such as saline, oil and brake fluid. The frictionless design enables sensors to operate over millions of cycles without wear or degradation in signal quality.

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Products -

Extended Range Synchronized mXRS™ Wireless Sensing Systems

Measure a cluster or mesh of transducers, temperature, force, strain, acceleration etc

Products -

Emplantable Force Probes

Arthroscopically implantable force probe! Smaller than a #2 pencil tip, this submergible micro-force transducer is ideal for medical research applications.

Products -

Miniature datalogger

Miniature datalogger combined with an inclinometer and silent shaker used to monitor patient inclination, save inclination data, and provide biofeedback at set limits.

Products -

Miniature signal conditoners

Miniature signal conditioners for decoding DVRTs etc

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