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Capacitance sensing is what Lion Precicion does very well. While some companies have created capacitance sensors to complement their primary product line, we have focused exclusively on our area of expertise. This assures that Lion Precision will continue to consistently give you the best performance for the combination of bandwidth, resolution, and stability. With our application specific product lines, you benefit from our decades of experience and design expertise.

Why Capacitance?

Capacitance is an ideal sensor for many applications:

Non contact

  • Can Have High Bandwidth
  • Low Power (No Heat) at Sensing Point
  • Flexible Sensor Configuration
  • Not Dependent on Target Material

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Customer Groups (examples)

Precision Engineering
Flatness measurement of the Keck telescope mirror

Machine Tool Research & Commercial Machine Tool Users
Spindle Error Analysis

Hard Disk Drive Manufacturing
Thickness and Disk position

PCB Drilling Technology
Dynamic runout of high-speed drill spindles

Spring Manufacturing
In-line free-length measurement and control

Label Applicators
Label edge detection, slitting, rewinding, tear strips, clear labels

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