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Lascar Products

MasTec is the NZ distributr for Lascar.

MasTec stocks many of these products.

Lascar Electronics is a leading provider of products for these industries and services.:-





Air Quality




Cold Chain


21CFR - Compliant


A full range of Loggers and Monitors

Famous Lipstick USB Data Loggers - many models

Single Use Loggers

SMS Temperature Monitors

Blue Tooth Loggers with Apps

Hi Res, Hi Accuracy Loggers

WiFi Data Loggers

Free Easy Log Software - USB and WiFi

Lascar's EasyLog data loggers are the world's first direct USB data loggers, providing a cost effective, easy-to-use method of recording temperature,

Current and Energy Logger pdf

Wifi Loggers pdf

EasyLogSoftware pdf

Panel Instruments and Displays

Panel Pilots - a new innovation

Panel Buttons - a new innovation

Digital Panel Instruments and Voltmeters

Their extensive range of panel instruments and voltmeters provide display solutions for a wide range of applications within the instrumentation and sensors industries.

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