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JUMO is one of the leading manufacturers in the field of industrial sensor and automation technology.

Their innovative product range encompasses all measuring equipment, from the individual sensor through to automation solutions for temperature, pressure, flow, filling level and humidity measurement and control, as well as fluid analysis.

All this with the target in mind to offer the customers world wide, the optimum solution with regard to process reliability, energy efficiency and cost optimisation.

MasTec and Jumo have been partners since 1999.

JUMO is a certified ISO 9000/9001 manufacturer of Process Control Equipment. All of their products are CE certified.

Temperature Controllers

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Jumo Products

  • Temperature
  • Liquid Analysis
  • Pressure
  • Level
  • Flow
  • Humidity
  • Control
  • Recording
  • Automation
  • Monitoring
  • Power Control - Thyristors and IGBTs


IGBT Controller

Thyristor Controller

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