Line Interactive UPS - BlackoutBuster Series
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Blackout Buster Series is a series of line interactive UPS designed to protect IT system such as desktop PCs, internet lines, servers and LANs in small factory, office and school.


  • Emergency Backup Battery
  • Automatic Voltage Regulation
  • Lightning or Power Surge Protection
  • Electric Noise Filter


 Power outage due to sudden surges of electricity, faulty wiring or lightning can cause a loss of critical data and files from your IT system and the consequences can be disastrous. Hence, the BlackoutBuster Series offers reliable protection by ensuring a constant supply of power to your IT system.



  • Capacity 50VA/1000VA/1600VA/2000VA
  • Modified Sinewave Output
  • LCD Status Monitor
  • Automatic Restart/Recharge When Utility Power Resumes
  • Power Surge Protection For Modem/Fax/Internet Line
  • USB or RS232 Communication Port For Power Management Software Interface
  • Free Power Management Software
  • Up to 30 Minutes Backup Time
  • 2 Years Warranty

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