ION Controllers Products

Many models - Example

BACnet & Modbus Field Controller Devices controlling sensors, actuators etc., for Room, HVAC, AHU, VAV, FCU, PAU etc., environmental control.

7 UI + 4 DI - 0-5v, 10v, Thermistor or DI
7 AO - 0-10v + 5DO TRIAC 24VAC, 1A
Freely programmable with free issue ION.CORE App.
Rugged, compact, DIN Rail Mounted Module
254 addresses on Modbus RTU RS485 ION LAN
Expand to +30 I/O with ION IOM Units

ION Accessories Products

Range of high quality, economical, and reliable I/O level devices - temperature, humidity, pressure sensors and actuators etc.,



ION Controls Products

The picture tells it all.

Hardware and software for controlling all aspects of buildings and plants.

Supervisor Hardware & HMI Products

ION SVZR:-Web server graphical, real time multi-protocol -BACnet and Modbus, 2000+ point transfer, monitoring, control, alarms, logging, trending, time scheduling etc. ...

Plus the New ION HMI Touch Screen Supervisor Range for economical solution

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Software CreatION

Protocol Drivers - Standard Free issue: BACnet, Modbus, OPC drivers: Ethernet, TCP/IP, SMTP

Software - ION programing apps are free issue - No license fees + No 'Tags', 'Points' or 'per seat' costs

The software brains of the ION system: CreatION© is a free issue*, simple, powerful application program to configure, and author web based dynamic user pages for the ION SuperVZR.

Application Builder Pages:

Data Tags
User Interface
Data Logger
Web Server
Security Manager

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