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 NEW! IT7800 High Power Programmable AC/DC Power Supply

IT7800 series is not only innovative in terms of product technology, but also from the perspective of application to fill the some industry gap.

ITECH IT7800 3U high series of programmable AC/DC power supply, with power up to 15kVA, voltage ranges up to 350V L-N and 500V L-N. Users are able to increase output power up to 960kVA by configuring master-slave parallel. With intuitive LCD touch panel interface, users can be quickly familiar with the unit operation. IT7800 series is built-in power meter and arbitrary waveform generator, which is able to simulate harmonics and other arbitrary waveform output. Users can choose single phase, three-phase, phase reversal, and multi-channel totally 4 output modes. What is particularly rare is that after IT7800 is paralleled, not only all functions are retained, but there is no loss of accuracy. Make the construction of the power system faster, more flexible, and more economical, whether it is a stand-alone test or ATE system, it can be easily reached.

IT-M7700 High Performance Programmable AC Power Supply

 High Performance Programmable AC Power Supply combines intelligence and flexibility, breaks through the huge defects of the traditional AC power source, reduces the size to only 1/2 1U, maximizes space utilization.

Built-in power meter and arbitrary waveform generator make it convenient to simulate various arbitrary waveform outputs. IT-M7700 is designed with advanced technologies of programmable AC and DC power supplies, and can be widely used in multiple fields such as power energy products, home appliances, industrial electronics, avionics, military and IEC standards testing.

• Testing of commercial and military avionics
• RD, verification and testing of the small-size power supply production
• IEC standard testing
• Communications/Telecommunications
• AC power simulation
• Manufacturing and process control
• Battery or LCD applications
• ATE testing 

Extensive Range

GPIB- RS-485- RS-232 -USB-LAN Interfaces

Battery Tester

Dual DMM

Dual DC PSUs



ITech Test Instruments

DC Power Supplies - High Power
Up to 30KW 1000VDC to 1200A
Programmable single and multi-channel power supplies

• IT6000B Regenerative Power System 
• IT6000C Bidirectional Programmable DC Power Supply 
• IT6000D High Power Programmable DC Power Supply 
• Photovoltaic / Solar Simulator Power Supply 
• IT6500 Wide-range High-power DC Power Supply
• IT6400 Bipolar DC Power Supply / Battery Simulator 
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• IT6700 DC Power Supply
• IT6800A/B Dual-range Programmable DC Power supply
• IT6900A Wide-range Programmable DC Power Supply

AC Power Supplies - High Power
10-5000HZ, to 54KVA with slave connections for three phase or single phase, High stable AC power supply

• IT-M7700 High Performance programmable AC power supply NEW
• IT7600 High Performance programmable AC power supply
• IT7300 Programmable AC Power Supply

DC E-Loads - High Power
Programmable single and multi-channel electronic loads,
Programmable Regen Models to high voltage and currents.

• IT8900A/E series high performance high power DC electronic load 
• IT8300 Series Regenerative DC Electronic Load 
• IT8900 High performance High power DC Electronic Load
• IT8800 High Power DC Electronic Load
• IT8700 Multi-channel DC Electronic Load
• IT8912E LED High Power DC E-Load
• IT8200 Digital Control DC Electronic Load
• IT8500+ Programmable DC Electronic Load

AC E-Loads - High Power
Programmable single and multi-channel electronic loads,
Programmable Regen Models.
To high voltage and currents.

• IT8600 AC Electronic Load

Power Meters - High Power
Programmable accurate high bandwidth Meters

• IT9100 series Power Meter

Battery Internal Resistance Testers etc.
Programmable multi channel testers for production

• IT5100 Battery Tester

Options & Accessories

• IT-E110 Reverse Connection Module
• IT-E500 Power Dissipator
• IT-E185 Power Meter Fixture
• Internal Resistance Tester Test Line

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Battery Tester

DC Loads


Appliance Leakage Testing


Energy-regenerative DC Electronic load.
IT8300 Series Energy-regenerative DC Electronic Load, it not only can simulate various load characteristics, but also can feed power back to grid without pollution. IT8300 series unique energy-regenerative function can convert the absorbed DC power into AC power and feed it back to local grid. This eliminates the usual heat dissipation to a minimum and saves energy costs, adapts requirements of global energy-saving and emission reduction at the same time.

Ultra high power regeneration efficiency up to about 95%
IT8300 series energy-regenerative DC electronic load is different from other conventional consumed loads, energy-regenerative function is the most important feature of IT8300 series. It can regenerate power to grid and provides low heat dissipation, which will be converted with an efficiency of approximately 95%. This way of energy regeneration helps to lower energy costs and avoids expensive cooling systems, and also reduces the noise.

IT8300 Series Energy-regenerative DC Electronic Load 

High Power Density Design
Conventional electronic loads are not only with high energy consumption, its own size and weight is also very large. Energy consumption electronic load with 10KW load is at least 12U, not only difficult to transport, the higher the cost. IT8300 series energy-regenerative DC electronic load adopts high power density design, e.g. for 3 U size, it can absorb power up to 10.5 kW. Compared to traditional electronic loads, the size for IT8300 series will be able to decrease by 76.9% under the same output power.


Discharge testing for different types of batteries (lead, lithium, power and energy storage batteries)
The virtual load test of natural energy (solar cell array, wind power generation)
Aging life testing for AC/DC, DC/DC converters
Aging testing for motor, fuse and relay under automobile high voltage (e.g., 36 v, 42 v) and small motor testing
Security testing for mechanical systems with large capacity battery (e.g. agv, health care electric chair)
Testing for large DC power supply, e.g. ground power test
Evaluation testing for fuel cells and stacks
Detection and aging for power electronic equipments

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