Who is Exemys?

Exemys ia a technology company specialized in manufacture and design products and solutions for Monitoring and Control of Remote Assets.

Founded in 1998, in Argentina

ISO 9001:2008 Certification
UL 60950 Certification
Software Law Certification
World Export


Exemys Products

All things Monitoring, Acquisition, Control, Telemetry, Local Cloud and Connectivity.

This company is focused on these technologies

  • Ethernet
  • GSM / GPRS
  • Zigbee Industrial Wireless
  • Modbus
  • DAQ
  • Sensors


  • Serial Servers
  • Protocol Converters
  • Cellular Telemetry
  • GMS Remote Devices
  • Antennas
  • Telemetry Web Server
  • 2.4 GHz Telemetry
  • Analog/Digital Acquisition
  • Internet based supervision
  • Media Converters
  • Industrial Ethernet
  • Software
  • Parts & Accessories
  • Cables and adaptors
  • Temperature sensors
  • Traffic - Parking and Access Inductive Detector


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Generator Monitoring

The system is compatible with ALL major brands of generators in production today.

Monitor Engine Condition
- Battery Voltage
- Fuel Level
- Oil Pressure
- Water Temperature
- Generated Power

Monitor Security
- Detect fuel theft

Data Logging
- Historical event logging Remote Alarms
- Direct alarms to go to the correctservice staff
- Monitoring of all warnings, failures and status

Remote Power on/off
- Remote Genset enable/disable
- Ability to reset and restart genset.

How it Works
The Exemys remote management solution for power generators it´s an all-in-one solution including communication gateways, secure hosting servers and a web user interface.

Fast Communication
The gateway connects to ALL major brands of generators that are Modbus compatible, for access to diagnostic information, directly from the genset.

The gateway connects to the genset using a Modbus serial RS485 port, and extracts data. Then it sends data, via an Ethernet network or via the GSM Cellular network, directly to the Database.

Now you are able to view, register and graph, the information contained in the Database, in a standard Web Browser.

Gateways options
Depends on the connectivity of the genset location, we have gateways with Cellular GSM communication or Ethernet Network communication.

Fast Deployment
The Exemys Web Server is similar to a SCADA system, where you can add widgets like clocks, bars and meters, over a template image of your genset. So, each parameter obtained from the genset, can be displayed as a widget. In this way, you can deployed the monitoring solution, in just only 30 minutes !.

Fast ROI
With Exemys, the cost of a communication gateway is much lower than the cost of a service visit which makes for a quick return on investment (ROI)

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