Etherios Achieves Salesforce Fullforce Master Program Certification for Salesforce1 Service Cloud

July 28 2014

Etherios taps into the power of’s social, mobile and connected cloud technologies
to help accelerate business transformation for companies using Service Cloud

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Seamlessly connect any
remote product or device
to the cloud.

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Etherios a Digi International Company

The announcement above is a huge milestone for Etherios as it positions itself as the world leader in M2M Cloud based IoT.

IoT internet of Things is a new buzz word that tells a lot about what is coming

(now soon and into the future)

Cloud based M2M is going to be the biggest eveloution of technology for humanity over the next few years.

Even more so the robotics which is just starting to develop helpful products.

IoT has been brewing now for several years and companies like Digi / Etherios have been putting in the late nights to get the technology where it will be an easy accept solution for industry.

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Expect more and more services

Yes this is what is coming and it will be smart technology not just collecting data.

The systems will respond automatically to large or small data using cloud algorithms and adjust systems.

We see in NZ, not just Infrastructure taking up this technology but a large swath of other industries also.

Present identitifed targets

Green House
Cool Storage
Agri Business
Market Gardening
Food Service industries

and more

maybe you can educate us in this new frontier also!


So how does it work?

A great wad of technology all working together, based around mesh self healing radio networks as the distributed data collectors and controllers, the data is gatewayed to an IP system either copper, fiber or wireless to clouds where large scale apps monitor, alarm, analyse, control, report etc.

Being cloud based with web driven portals for clients it naturally allows Computers Tablet, Smart Phone access, unanchoring staff to be productive while the great wad of technology does its thing with human oversite.

So if you want ot move into the newer way of doing things, you need to start educating yourself and then come back to us for a chat.

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