Eltrotec Products

Light barriers reflex light barriers - Laser light barriers with analogue & digital outputs

Laser proximity switches

Laser distance sensors 1-2000 mm measuring range

Frame and fork sensors

Label detection sensors

Laser beam sensors

Laser reflex proximity switches

Laser drill break systems and sensors

Edge control sensor and systems

Ultrasonic measurement sensors, software and systems

Whether for allocation, packaging, storing or sorting purposes: high-resolution colour sensors are always needed when producer goods in any variety of colours need to be reliably recognised, allocated or compared. Thanks to numerous innovative features, the new ELTROTEC colorCONTROL line of colour sensors can now be used even more flexibly when it comes to analysis or linking to production processes. PDF


Eltrotec Products

Eltrotec are world leaders in these types of optical products:

Machine vision systems, cameras and illumination techniques

CCD - All in one camera systems - colour cameras - 3-colour line cameras

Line sensors with "Teach-in" adjustment

Cold light illumination bulbs & fibre optics - Halogen & xenon bulbs

Customised fibre optics for illumination (rings and lines to your specification!)

Illumination for machine vision systems

LED illumination wave length (320-1150 nm) fibre optics (250-2500 nm)

Technical endoscopes rigid & flexibleendoscopes - 5 or 6 mm video endoscopes cameras

Colour recognition sensors & systems colour sensors

LED & halogen colour recognition sensors colour mark sensors

High end colour recognition systems up to 32 memories

Colour sensors for 200-800 mm distance

Light barriers for measuring tasks,

Ultrasonic sensors

Fibre optic amplifiers up to 20 kHz, analogue & digital output for automation tasks

"Teach-In" light barriers M 12, M 18 light barriers

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Eltrotec Example Products

High Speed Laser Beam Micrometer

Series LBM 40

  • Measuring range 40mm
  • Measuring frequency 2300Hz
  • 0.25µm resolution
  • 1 µm reproduceability
  • Gap, edge, position and diameter detection


Series LBM 34

  • Measuring range 34mm
  • Measuring frequency 2300Hz
  • 1µm resolution
  • 3 µm reproduceability
  • Gap, edge, position and diameter detection


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