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Elster is a world leader in measuring and improving the flow of natural gas, electricity and water in more than 130 countries. With one of the most extensive installed revenue measurement bases in the world and more than 200 million metering modules deployed over the course of the last 10 years alone, Elster is enabling the vital connections between technology and Earth’s energy and resources for our global community.

MasTec has significant expertise in this area developed with several metering companies.

Wavenis chipsetWavenis is the technology of choice used by Coronis for its wireless OEM platforms, finished products and customizable vertical solutions. In conjunction with other communication technologies, such as Bluetooth™ and cellular networks, Wavenis enables Coronis customers and partners to innovate in their markets with wireless devices that are not only cost-effective, but also offer significant wireless range and run on a single set of batteries for many years.

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Metering Solutions

Innovative water metering solutions include a complete metering and meter reading portfolio.

Solutions extend from utility revenue metering, to cost allocation, network monitoring, distribution, industrial and sub-metering applications.


Mobile radio reading
In case of the route-based radio reading the radio modules in the vicinity of the respective measuring point will be read out with a robust field-optimised handheld-terminal. This way, for example, readings from water meters in pits are taken, without loss of time and without any risk.


AMI & AMR Products

Many utilities today are partnering with Elster to install the most advanced intelligent metering solutions available based on radio frequency technologies.

Elster is a leading provider of Intelligent Metering Solutions. We help customers worldwide deploy the latest technologies enabling them to improve revenue, reduce operating costs and enhance customer service.

Elster offers a broad range of intelligent metering solutions in the form of automated meter reading (AMR) and advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) systems. Our approach allows utilities to implement flexible, cost-effective reading systems that can be integrated into today's operations, yet allows the system to evolve as the utility grows or as technology advances.

Utilization of standards in our AMR and AMI systems is imperative to us in order to ensure our customers have an open platform upon which to operate their key business systems. Communications technologies are continually evolving and you can count on Elster to develop the best in class Intelligent Metering Systems that deliver robust and reliable data for utilities.

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