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Dataforth make some fo the lowest cost isolated DAQ system per analog input on the market.

The MAQ20 is an Advanced Expandable Isolated DAQ product well worth a critical look. Software support is also excellent using ReDAQ Graphical Software.

If you also are looking for signal conditioners with high common mode rejection ratios and excellent normal mode ratios ++ 1500VAC RMS Galvanic isolation, Dataforth makes them.

They have basically two form factors, passive backplane and DIN rail mounts

MasTec has been distributing Dataforth since 1996 and has many installations running. MasTec stocks the most common modules.

Analog- Signal Conditioners
Isolated Analog Signal Conditioning  SCM5B
 DIN Isolated Analog Conditioners  DSCA
 User Programmable Temperature Transmitter SCTP
 Low Cost DIN Loop Isolators  DSCL
 Loop Powered Two-Wire Transmitter  DSCT
 Isolated 7B Process Control Signal  SCM7B
 Isolated 8B Process Control Signal  SCM8B
 Voltage Attenuator System  SCMVAS

Digital- Signal Conditioners
Isolated Digital I/O  SCMD

Data Acquisition
Isolated Intelligent Signal Conditioned
SLX100-isoLynxTM DAQ System ++

Data Communications
DIN Dual Port Signal-Powered RS-232  DCP35
 General Limited Distance Modem  LDM30
 Signal Powered Limited Dist Modem  LDM35
 Isolated Limited Distance Modem  LDM70
 Signal Powered Fiber Optic Modem  LDM80
 Fully Isolated DIN Rail RS-232/485  DCP485
 Fully Isolated Limited Distance Modem, RS-232/422 Converter LDM2485A/B-Signal Powered RS-232/485 Converter  LDM422
 Fiber Optic Modem  LDM85
 Fully Isolated Limited Distance Modem  LDM485

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  MAQ Controller and Logger
Industrial Loggers

Advanced DAQ


IoT cloud-based remote monitoring system

Dataforth Corporation has partnered with to enable customers to use their MAQ20 system and’s cloud-based software to build an IoT cloud-based remote monitoring system. Designed to remotely monitor environmental sensors, their website states that enables users to “acquire data in real-time from any data logger or text file, transform data automatically using processing and logic, receive alerts for critical events, and share access with clients.”

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