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CS Power Battery and Accessories

CSPOWER Battery Tech Co.,LTD manufacturer

Deep Cycle AGM Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) Batteries
Solar GEL Batteries
Front Terminal Battery
High Temperature long life GEL battery
OPzV Battery
Car/Auto Batteries
Telecom Batteries
Lithium batteries

and other Solar related products such as
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CSPOWER has approximately 1000 employees. Located in a world-class, modern industrial park of 50, 000 square meters in China,.
Their production acapacity is >>> 2, 000,000 kVAh\/Year

CS series Sealed free maintenance lead acid batteries are designed with AGM technology, high performance plates and electrolyte to gain extra power output for common power backup system applications widely used in the fields of UPS, Security and Emergency lighting system.

They are sealed and free maintenance whole life, valve regulated type standby AGM battery, also named by VRLA battery, SLA battery, and SMF battery.

> Features and Advantages for AGM battery

1. Sealed and maintenance free operation
2. Non-Spillable construction design
3. Safety valve installation for explosion proof.
4. 99.99% pure lead plates ensure high quality and high reliability.
5. Exceptional deep discharge recovery performance.
6. Low self discharge characteristic.
7. Flexibility design for multiple install positions
8. The operating ambient temperature -10? to +40?
9. Long life span 3-5 years for standby
10. Using oxygen recombination technology: maintenance-free
11. Pb-Ca-Sn alloy for plate grids: less gassing and less self-discharging
12. High quality AGM separator: extend cycle life and prevents micro short circuit
13. Flame-resistance ABS material: increases the strength of battery container.
14. High purity raw material: ensures low self discharge rate
15. Silver-coated copper terminals, brass insert terminals and lead terminals improve the electric conductivity

VRLA Gel Batteries

Standard VRLA GEL battery are designed for frequent cyclic charge and discharge applications under extreme environments. By combining the newly developed Nano Silicone Gel electrolyte with high density paste, the Solar range offers high recharge efficiency at very low charge current. The acid stratification is highly reduced by adding Nano Gel.

> Features and benefits for solar gel battery

1. This Energy storage battery utilizes gel electrolyte technology. The uniformly distributed gel electrolyte is made by mixing sulfuric acid with silica fume.
2. The electrolyte can hold the battery plates securely in an immobile gel.
3. Radial grid design offers this power storage device excellent discharge performance.
4. Due to 4BS lead paste technology, our vrla gel battery provides long lasting service life.
5. Employing unique grid alloy, special gel formulation and distinct positive and negative lead paste ratio, the maintenance free battery boasts outstanding deep cycle service performance and over discharge recovery ability.
6. Completely manufactured from high purity raw materials, CSPOWER VRLA gel battery has extremely low self discharge.
7. Gas recombination technology ensures excellent seal reaction efficiency, thus delivering no pollution such as acid mist to the environment.
8. The gel battery boasts reliable sealing technology which enables security seal performance.

OPvZ Gel Batteries

CSPOWER OPzV Tubular GEL Battery Longest Life for Solar.

Voltage: 2V
Capacity: 2V200Ah~2V3000Ah
Designed floating service life: >20 years @ 25 °C/77 °F.
Cyclic usage: 80% DOD, >2000cycles

> Summary for OPzV Gel Battery

By combining the newly developed tubular positive plates with fumed gelled electrolyte, CSPOWER created the innovative OPzV range of batteries. The range offers 20 years design life and super high deep cycling capabilities. This range is recommended for telecom outdoor applications, renewable energy systems and other harsh environment applications.

> Features and Advantages for OPzV Battery

Over 20 years design life at floating condition @ 25°C
Wide operating temperature range from -40°C to 60°C
Tubular positive plate with prolonged cycle life
Fumed Silica gel electrolyte
Lead Calcium die cast grid with improved corrosion resistance capability
Low self-discharge rate and long shelf life
Excellent deep discharge recovery capability

Traction Flooded Batteries

CSPOWER flooded traction lead-acid batteries as a DC power widely supplied in forklifts, tractors, airports, stations, ports, vegetables and fruit market, factory warehouses and so on. At the same time, it also widely used in buses, sports and entertainment as a clean and pollution-free DC power supply.

> Features and Advantages for Forklift Traction Battery
1. Longer design life, more than 1800 cycles at 80% DOD
2. Excellent cycle performance and recovery ability after deep discharge
3. Excellent low temperature performance
4. Reliable sealing structure
5. Special design to prevent the short circuit of battery
6. Automatic watering system and gas mixing system (optional)

Lithium Batteries

CSPOWER LiFePO4 battery are the newest lithium iron battery technology, Own Longest Cycle Life: Offers up to 20times longer cycle life and five times longer float /calendar life than lead acid battery, helping to minimize replacement cost and reduce total cost of ownership.

> Advantages for CSPOWER LiFePO4 Battery

1 Lighter Weight: About 40% of the weight of a comparable lead acid battery. A 'drop in' replacement for lead acid batteries.
2 Higher Power: Delivers twice power of lead acid battery, even high discharge rate, while maintaining high energy capacity.
3 Wider Temperature Range: -20?~60?, no affect battery life and capacity.
4 Superior Safety: Lithium Iron Phosphate chemistry eliminates the risk of explosion or combustion due to high impact, overcharging or short circuit situation.
5 Increased Flexibility: Modular Design enables deployment of up to four batteries in series and up to ten battery in parallel.

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