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Bright Allaince


Bright Alliance uses its expertise to create and provide Rugged (IP67/68) Mobile Appliances based on Wireless and Contactless technologies, Biometric strong authentication, and Secure Hardware Architecture.

They are a Rugged Device manufacturer, and the main customers are Integrators and Solution Providers, creating new services and usages.

  • FLEET Management
  • GPS Tracking
  • ID Control
  • Voting Control
  • Offense Ticket management
  • SIM Card registration or Mobile Payment

just to name just a few.

Bright Alliance control the full chain, from mechanical design to PCB, or even antennas, and we are able to work on various project sizes, from pilots to high volumes.


High-performance functional industrial CPU with Quad Core and Octa Core internals.
Fully rugged tablet terminal equipment reach to military-grade
Rugged data collection handheld terminal
Military/Police digital handheld terminal
Sub-meter multi-function digital GIS terminal
LF/HF/UHF RFID rugged tablet pc

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