Medical Grade UPSs

Indusrtrial Surge Protection with filters

Line Conditioner Surge Protection with filters

2000W Line Conditioner Surge Protection + filters


  Network Protection

Applent Products

A wide range of Handheld and Bench Instruments for Battery, T&M, ATE, Service Field Support

Digital Multimeter

Micro ohm Meter

Battery Tester

DC Bias Source

Capacitance Meter

Leakage Current Meter

Insulation Resistance Meter

Inductance Meter


Digital LCR Meter

Multi-channel Temperature Meter

Multi-channel Resistance Meter

PTC Resistance Meter

DC Electronic Loads

Instruments Software


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Medical Grade UPSs

350 VA Mobile Medical Isolated Power


 Medical Grade UPSs


  Medical Grade UPSs
Medical Grage UPSs

Medical Grage UPSs

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