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Antaira is a supplier of products for Networking, Security and Industrial Communication Systems.

Their focus is on the rapidly growing markets of Security, M2M and Industrial Ethernet sectors - both cabled and wireless types.

Industrial Ethernet cabled Cat 5/6 and WiFi, are used everywhere on the factory floor and will continue to expand its presence from the control layer all the way down to the device layer. Estimates are that shipments of industrial products with an Ethernet port will grow at over 70% a year for the next 5 years.
Antaira works in this area.

Security systems are also expanding at a rapid rate with HD CCTV being the new standard. Secure Industrial WiFi is an excellent choice for many systems. Invariab;y all Wifi leads to Switches, media converters and backhauls.
Antaira works in this area.

Antaira & MasTec are positioned to service this growing market with hardened Industrial Ethernet Switches, POE, Media Converters, along with Many comms options, USB, PCI, Serial to Ethernet Device Servers to allow legacy devices onto the network.
Antaira works in all these areas.

MasTec has been selling Antaira since 2mid 2000.

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