Solutions Feature - May 2021

DASYLab - Versatile software for data acquisition

DASYLab software offers real-time acquisition, analysis, control, and the ability to create custom graphical user interfaces (GUIs). In contrast to other graphical programming environments, which can require weeks of training to master, DASYLab has a very short user-learning curve. Many applications can be configured in a few minutes, rather than days or weeks. Sophisticated acquisition and control tasks can be solved with DASYLab quickly without any additional programming. Simply insert the appropriate module blocks into the worksheet and connect them by virtual wires with a few mouse clicks.

Efficiency: With just one piece of software, you can quickly and precisely solve practically any task.
Ready to use: As standard software, DASYLab is ready for immediate use.
Convenience: Operation and navigation are as simple as could be, the possibilities are nearly endless.
Flexibility: DASYLab supports a wide range of measurement hardware.
Individuality: DASYLab can be easily adapted to individual requirements and expanded.

DASYLab is your reliable assistant for all data acquisition tasks:
• Capture and visualize measurement data
• Analyze signals
• Integrate control and regulation processes
• Automate test sequences
• Configure your own measurement instruments
• Create individual user interfaces on up to 200 layout pages and display them on multiple screens
• Add your own individual functionality (Python interface)

 If you would like to contact us about DasyLab, feel free to email us.

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