Instrumentation Feature - April 2021

PACs and Controllers + IO

An excellent maker of advanced technology products, that can be used in a vast array of solutions. Automation and Control, Building and House Automation, Data Acquisition, Comms Systems and much more.

AC products combine the functionality and openness of PC, the reliability of a programmable logic controller (PLC), and the intelligence of I/O modules with flexible software tools for a wide range of applications from data acquisition, process control, motion control to energy & building management.

  • Windows PACs
  • WinCE PACs
  • Linux PACs
  • MiniOS7 PACs
  • BoxPCs
  • Win-GRAF PACs
  • InduSoft PACs

Remote I/O Module and Unit
Remote I/O Modules support a wide range of of field signals including including current, voltage, thermistor, thermocouple, RTD, and strain gauge with many protocols and interfaces.

  • RS-485 I/O Modules
  • Ethernet I/O Modules
  • PAC & Local I/O Modules
  • Fieldbus I/O Modules
  • USB I/O Modules
  • FRnet I/O Modules
  • Wireless I/O Modules

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New Instrumentation Product Announcements

Webinar: Vaccine Research, Production, Storage - Why Measurements Matter

Webinar: Maintaining HVAC CO2 Measurements the Easy Way

Webinar: Diving Deep into Advanced Humidity Measurement and Specifications

Five-Year Warranty Now Offered with Selected HVAC Transmitters

Vaisala measurements in demanding HVAC processes - HMD60

ARBOR 2021 Embedded Computing Catalog
ARBOR 2021 Rugged Mobile Computing Catalog


Litemax’s “Empower AIoT Breakthrough Challenge” Virtual Exhibition is Online!

Introducing the Mesa® 3 Smart Card Reader – A military-grade CAC/PIV-compatible smart card reader and rugged tablet


New Gateways for Solar Energy

Tiny Modbus/TCP to RTU/ASCII Gateway with single (Isolated) RS-232 or 422/485 Port - tGW-718-T, tGW-718i-T
Tiny Device Server with single (Isolated) RS-232 or 422/485 Port - tDS-718-T, tDS-718i-T

Remote NH3/H2S/Temperature/Humidity/Dew Point Data Logger Module

ALM-Horn-BR, ALM-Horn-WF-BR, ALM-Horn-MRTU-BR Siren Series


MSR175plus GPS Transport Data Logger



Instrumentation Feature - March 2021



AC and DC Loads and more

Embedded Edge and AI Computing and more


All things Power UPS Medical PDU USB Power


Medical Grade Power


Xbee Wireless Comparison Sheet

IIOT > EPIC Linux Real Time Edge Computer


Signal conditioning, data acquisition, and data communication products





Programmable Instruments and Power Sources



IIOT Bluemix IO


DAQ USB, Ethernet, WiFi and Buses


High Powered AC and DC Power Supplies




Converters for your connections


Industrial IIOT and Automation



Lithium 12 Volt 100Amphr Batteries



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