Instrumentation Newsletter - February 2021


More than 700 models products: Programmable single and multi-channel electronic loads, high stable AC power supply,programmable single and multi-channel power supplies, power meters and battery internal resistance testers etc. Automatic testing system: Power automatic testing system, battery charge and discharge testing system, automotive electronics testing system, EV testing system, Solar cell testing system and aging testing system, etc. All the hardward and software are developed by ITECH, so they are more stable and compatible.

ITECH provides complete solutions for industries including power supply, battery, automotive electronics, EV, solar/PV inverter, semiconductor/IC, research and education, etc.

ITECH will keep the inspiration of continuous innovation, care about sustainable development and next generation. By the high performance products and excellent team, ITECH will provide customers with most accurate, reliable, sustainable and high quality testing solutions

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WINNER! Europe Electronics Industry Awards 2020

New Instrumentation Product Announcements

MasTec votes Vaisala as the Best Technical company of 2020

Understanding metrological traceability in hydrogen peroxide sensor calibration
The Indigo family grows with a new probe
Indigo500 series dual-probe support

Free Calculator: Humidity calculations and conversions made easy

Are you overdrying? Download Vaisala Compressed Air eGuide and learn about best practices in your drying process.
-CASE: Optimized drying process increases production capacity

Webinar: How to choose the right parameter for humidity control in HVAC (4 Feb)

On-Demand webinar: Measuring humidity in condensing environments

MSR175plus Transport Shock Data Logger with GPS/GNSS Receiver

Simple but Powerful Display Integrated Solution for Queuing & Calling System
3.5-in SBC AECX Series: Tailored to Meet the Need of Your System

Modular Panel PCs

Promotion (ends 28 Feb 2021)
Order 2000USD worth and receive 5% discount
Order 2000-5000USD worth and receive 7% discount
Order 5000-10000USD worth and receive 9% discount
Order over 10000USD worth and receive 12% discount

Juniper Systems Limited Releases New Uinta Software Worldwide

Webinar: Sub-meter mapping on a budget (Feb 3 2021)
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HPT100 Pipeline Integrity Testing Tool
MFC5150 HART® Communicator

Long Range Sub GHZ Wireless Universal Smart Probe Interface

High-Speed USB DAQ
Simultaneous, High-Speed USB-1602HS & 1604HS Series

Low-Cost USB-1208HS Series
Ultra High-Speed USB-2020
Simultaneous, High-Precision USB-1808 Series

SDS1000X-U Series Super Phosphor Oscilloscope

Firmware Updates:
SSG5000X Series

SVA1000X Series
SSA3000X Plus Series
SSA3000X-R Series
SDS2000X Plus

DC Power SuppliesIT-M3600 Regenerative Power System

DC Electronic Loads

IT8700P Multi-channel Programmable DC Electronic Load

Power MeterIT9100 Power Meter

Test SystemsITS5300 Battery Charge & Discharge Test System

AC Power Supplies

IT7800 High Power Programmable AC/DC Power Supply

AC Electronic Load

IT8600 AC Electronic Load

Battery Tester

IT5100 Battery Tester

Options & AccessoriesFCS3000 Fuel Cell Simulation Software


Instrumentation Newsletter - December 2020



AC and DC Loads and more

Embedded Edge and AI Computing and more


All things Power UPS Medical PDU USB Power


Medical Grade Power


Xbee Wireless Comparison Sheet

IIOT > EPIC Linux Real Time Edge Computer


Signal conditioning, data acquisition, and data communication products





Programmable Instruments and Power Sources



IIOT Bluemix IO


DAQ USB, Ethernet, WiFi and Buses


High Powered AC and DC Power Supplies




Converters for your connections


Industrial IIOT and Automation



Lithium 12 Volt 100Amphr Batteries



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