Wireless Newsletter - December 2020


Powerful Embedding Technology

Digi CORE® plug-in LTE modem

Modular LTE connectivity with Carrier Smart Select and dual SIM support across major carriers for optimal mobile network access

• Certified with all major cellular carriers
• Scalable throughput with multiple module types:
- LTE-Advanced Cat 6 and Cat 11
- LTE Cat 4
- LTE Cat 3 with EVDO failback (UMTS / HSPA+)
• Dual SIM slots with automatic or manual swapping
• Carrier Smart Select™ for optimal connectivity
• Readily upgrade to meet changing cellular standards
• Tamper-proof optional locking mechanism
• External SMA connectors for custom antenna runs




Stay connected with Digi CORE® plug-in LTE modems for LTE and LTE-Advanced connectivity across major cellular networks. The modular design integrates with a range of Digi high-performance routers and infrastucture devices, including Digi EX15, Digi IX20, Digi 6310-DX, Digi 6330-MX, Digi 6350-SR, Digi Connect® IT 4 and Digi AnywhereUSB® Plus.

With Digi CORE plug-in modems, enabled Digi devices can connect to mobile networks using the LTE standard that best suits each use case. Larger locations or data-intensive applications can utilize the LTE-Advanced Cat 6 and Cat 11 versions of the Digi CORE plug-in modem to take advantage of faster speeds and carrier aggregation.

Meanwhile, applications with less intensive needs can opt for the cost-saving deployment of a standard LTE Cat 4 or Cat 3 connection. Select the router and modem that best fit current and future connectivity needs with the ability to upgrade devices rather than replacing them.

Digi Remote Manager® is a secure cloud-based device management solution that provides remote monitoring and control of Digi enterprise routers and gateways after deployment. It enables easy setup, configuration and support for installations of Digi devices.

Upgrade with swappable plug-In LTE modems and dual SIM support
A suite of Digi CORE plug-in modems allows customers to select the cellular connection that best meets their speed, budget, fallback-network and geographic requirements. As new LTE technologies become available Digi will launch additional versions of Digi CORE plug-in modems, which may be available for use in Digi EX15, Digi IX20, Digi 6350-SR, Digi 6330-MX, Digi 6310-DX, Digi Connect IT 4, Digi AnywhereUSB Plus and future products. The modular nature of Digi CORE plug-in modems helps mitigate technological obsolescence by allowing customers to upgrade to newer LTE standards without replacing their Digi router.

Accelerate your LTE connection without replacing your router
Accelerate Your LTE Connection without Replacing Your RouterDigi CORE plug-in LTE modems are a best-in-class solution that can future-proof network infrastructure thanks to the modular nature, combined with the stateful firewall and VPN capabilities of Digi enterprise routers and infrastructure devices. Ensure maximum uptime and performance with the flexibility to deploy LTE connections where you need quick, easy, reliable internet access.

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