Medical Newsletter - September 2020

Health care is a vitally important aspect of everyone’s life. It is a constantly evolving industry with huge pressures driving its development. The gathering and communication of information is a key player in the advancement of medical science and technology. Sending this information wirelessly allows for greater freedom of movement, reduces clutter and removes surfaces capable of transporting bacteria and viruses.


With the explosion of mobile computing, first precipitated by smart phones, health care monitoring and medical diagnosis is now open to all. Information about a persons health can be collected by affordable wearables and then transmitted to the cloud where big data algorithms utilise it for scientific research and-or the wearers personal benefit.

For most wearables the limiting factor of any design is space. Which is why LM provides the Bluetooth® low energy LM936 System In Package powered by an ARM Cotrex-M3:

The LM936 is a compact, highly integrated Bluetooth® low energy system-in-package (SiP) module. The LM936 SiP includes an embedded low energy antenna, 24 MHz clock, and 512 Kb EEPROM, so only a minimal set of external components is needed to create a standalone low energy device.


Bluetooth® v4.1 specification
14 mA Current Consumption (at 0 dBm Tx Output Power)
IC Antenna Onboard (Peak Gain = 0.5 dBi)
9 dBm Tx Output Power (Max) and -92 dBm Rx Sensitivity
Over-the-Air Upgrade (OTAU) available
Application Firmware Support
IoT Applications available including Serial over GATT,
Eddystone™ Beacon and Cloud Sensor & Cloud Collector
Fully integrated module with no additional components requiredI2C and UART
9 digital and 3 analogue I/O (10-bit ADC)
Wake-up interrupt and Watchdog timer
4 PWM channels
22mm x 10.11mm x 2.50mm
SMT Side and Bottom Pads for easy production
RoHS, REACH and WEEE Compliant Solution


Bluetooth Serial Port Profile
LM’s Bluetooth® to Serial adapters have been used within health care to enable wireless RS232 and RS485 cable-replacement solutions for almost a decade now.

The resilient frequency-hopping nature of Bluetooth® and the pass-through and fully direction independent aspects of our LM048 and LM058 Bluetooth® serial adapters have allowed customers to utilise them to carry both legacy and modern serial protocols.

The LM4xx series of serial modules have also been used to extend the connectivity of existing products where a more integrated solution was required. For many of these projects LM has provided firmware modifications to facilitate the particular requirements of an existing system.


Constant updating of Firmware for global interpolority and compatibility
Multiple power options, 9th Pin, AC mains PSU and USB power cable
CSR BC04 EDR 2.0+Chipset
Windows configuration software
PSU and gender changers supplied
Growing and improving AT command set
Approved product by some of the worlds leading datalogger manufactures
600 Meter range when supplied with the LM057 600 Meter antenna
Firmware upgradeable

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Medical Newsletter - August 2020

K&H Products
Biomedical Equipment

Superior product design and good quality control have enabled K&H MFG. CO., LTD. to offer high-end educational products to the market since its founding in 1979, Taipei, Taiwan. With this unbeatable track record, K&H has earned the reputation as a manufacturing leader in the educational market in Taiwan.

How to give electronics students the knowledge of Bio-electronics sensors, or conversely, how to let biomedical students easily obtain knowledge of Bio-electronics sensor and relevant sensor circuits?

KL-730 introduces commonly-used Bio-electronics sensors, which are very useful to electronics and biomedical students. Moreover, KL-730 collects all needed accessories for measuring 12 types of body signals and conducting the experiments, it is a good auxiliary trainer for teachers as well.

The purpose of KL-730 is to help students learn the techniques of acquiring and measuring hysiological signals and relevant circuit design. Hands-on practices and experiments enable students to understand the characteristics of various bio-electronics sensors and how to design conversion circuits.

Through KL-730, students can construct circuits to process and convert physiological signals into readable formats for further observation and analysis.


Biomedical Measurement Data Acquisition System

KL-710 is a physiological signal acquisition system that includes various physiological measurement modules. It enables multiple signals to be collected and displayed over max 16 channels, which is very suitable for biomedical research.

1. Each physiological measurement module can work independently or together according to users' needs.
2. Real-time calculation and analysis can be achieved, including math functions, digital filter, wave analysis, rate detection and power spectrum.
3. Off-line analysis can also be carried out, including statistics, math functions, wave analysis, rate detection and power spectrum.
4. Raw data and image files can be saved in various formats.



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