Award Winning High-performance x86
Network Security Appliance


FSM-510G-4F 6-Port 10/100/1000 Base-T + 4 SFP Port L2 Managed Switch

Digi IX14
Cloud-managed networking for the Industrial IoT

Enterprise-class Wireless LAN Controller supporting more than 500 APs

Newsletter - July 2019

Network, Switches and PoE

Ethernet Switches and Media Converters

Network Appliances, Gateways, Firewalls and Security

MasTec carries a broad range of Industrial Grade managed and unmanaged Ethernet Switches and Fiber Switches and Media Converters.

Between the manufacturing companies listed below, you will find exactly what you require for your industrial site and many IT sites also.

If you need POE there is a growing selection.

If you need EOP adaptors, we have these also.

If you need Ethernet to Modbus gateways, we can provide quite a range to choose from.

Many of our Wireless Routers and Gateways also container ethernet switches.

Ethernet and Fiber Switches
Industrial Un-Managed and Managed Ethernet and Fiber Switches
Broad Range - many with X-Ring for rapid recovery and redundancy - IP67 certified - POE - Splitters - Blade Switches - Packetariums -more
2-24 ethernet ports 10/100tx and Gigabit /1000 & 10000tx
Multi mode and other formats for fiber up to 8 ports

Some with Ethernet/Fiber combinations.
Many with Extended Temperature ranges

PoE (Power over Ethernet) technology is now very mature and still expanding in uses.

POE is made possible by the injecting DC Power into some of the 8 wire in an Ethernet Cable.

There are two types of POE

Mid-span: +48VDC is delivered across the Ethernet cable using the unused pins (4, 5, 7 & amp; 8).

End-span: +48VDC is delivered on on the same pins used for data (1,2,3 and 6).

Usually POE is a high DC voltage > 24, sometimes much higher > 55 VDC.

This injection usually takes place at the Ethernet Switch or with a POE Injector product.

However now there are Computers and PACs that do the DC Power injecting also.

At the far end of the Ethernet Cable an Etherent DC Splitter which brings out the DC and passes through the Ethernet data. The Splitters convert the POE voltage to standard voltages such as 48, 24, 18, 12 or 5 VDC.

It is possible to pump quite a lot of power down an ethernet cable > 100 watts and still have reliability in DC supply.

So imagine you are setting up video survellliance. All the cameras are 12VDC and TCP Gigabit Ethernet for the image data. Just plug the camera into the splitter for the DC power and the ethernet cable and you are done. You do not need to be near AC power to set up the camera, offering great placement freedom.

The same is true of course for DAQ systems that have ethernet data connections, see some of the manufacturerss in the list of suppliers.

POE is very convenient and saves a lot of installation time and money. If you are doing DAQ work there is no need for PSUs. Just plug the Remote DAQ into a splitter and ethernet data cable and you are done.

And of course the Ethernet Cable is a great high speed data pipe for DAQ. Mastec has a LabVIEW system controlling 4 DAQ units running at full data rates of >100KHz each and the Laptop connected to the DAQ via a POE Ethernet switch, doesn't blink.

In-Vehicle Computer 4-ch PoE Fanless Box PC with Intel® Core™ i5-4402E, 1.6 GHz Processor

4FE PoE and 4G SFP Managed Ethernet Switch
with Flexible Fiber Expansion

Gigabit PoE Media Converter
10/100/1000TX To SFP (Mini-GBIC)

Industrial 6-port Unmanaged Gigabit PoE Ethernet Switch

  Below are the companies that provide our wide range of Network, Switch and PoE Products and solutions:






























Minnow 1.0 Temperature & Humidity Logger

DI-2108 Voltage Data Logger


MINI data logger - Humidity,Temperature and CO2


Newsletter - June 2019

Loggers and Recorders

Our range of Loggers and Recorders is extensive. We have simple low cost to advanced products.

Our feature product is the Omega's OM-CP-OCTPRO Eight Channels Programmable Portable Data Logger. The next generation of industrial strength data logging. Durable, portable and versatile.

The OM-CP-OCTPRO Logger is an all-in-one solution for applications that require immediate analysis. Equipped with eight input channels, the OCTPRO can simultaneously measure current, voltage, temperature and pulse, providing users with real-time data at a moment’s notice. There’s no need for a PC, users can view all data in tabular or graph form on the 5” touch screen, full-colour display.

Versatility makes OCTPRO the perfect companion for industrial engineers, quality assurance professionals, compliance officers or automotive technicians. The device is very easy to use and configure via the built in capacitive touchscreen graphic display.

• All-in-one solution that does not require a PC
• 5” touch screen with full-color display
• 8 input channels simultaneously measure current,
voltage, temperature and pulse
• Supports thermocouple, RTD and thermistor probes
• Real-time data is automatically generated into
graphs for immediate analysis.

• Process Monitoring
• Machine efficiency studies
• Multi-use Laboratory and R&D applications

If you would like to know more about this product, feel free to contact us.

More about loggers and recorders...

The new Tiny USB stick loggers are so low priced, and have such a versatile range, you can almost log any signal with them. However they log quite slowly and this may be an issue.

Fast loggers have a bigger price tag and are more sophisicated large memories, large IO, Networking, Wireless, Displays and more.

Another type of logger is the wireless logger, that collects signals from multiple points at the same time using Wireless technology.

The most versatile logger is the Laptop with a DAQ card or a USB DAQ module. Most vendors now supply free logger software for their DAQ hardware.

AC & DC Power loggers have a built in circuit for managing AC and DC high voltage and currents. Most AC power loggers give Volts, current, watts PF, KwHr and many other parameters.

MasTec has both paperless recorders with LCD displays and older style paper recorders.



EL-GFX-1 Temperature Data Logger


MSR145 Standard Data Logger

USB-5100 Multi-Channel Data Logger


CWT5110 - Wireless Alarm Monitoring/Recording


Below are our suppliers of data loggers and recorders:

_ _ ____

__ _ ___


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